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Seller missed a deadline and order is now complete

A seller missed a deadline for some illustration work but I could see that she was working hard to meet it so I let it slide. Now the order is marked complete and it seems I have little recourse. How do open a dispute resolution. The only option available under the transaction is to contact the seller. I need to make it official that my job was not completed.

She must have sent you the work but you didn’t check it for 3+ days, so it’s automatically marked as complete after that. try contacting her, maybe there was a glitch or wasn’t on purpose.

May be seller forget to send a report to you…you can always go and contact seller, if not you can complain to fiverr support.

Even the order is auto marked as completed, you and the seller can still work for a revisions. Just contact her via PM and she can still send attachment and finish work there.

And if any chance she refuse to do revision, you can ask for refund.

You have all the rights to also give her negative review if she refuse to communicate with you and refuse to give you refund, but I suggest make that your last resort and try to communicate with her first :slight_smile:


In cases like this, I always recommend using a modification as soon as the order is delivered. It gives the seller a chance to have a little extra time, and it provides protection for the buyer. But, as the other freelancers have noted, in this particular case reaching out to her is a great first start. Once an order is marked as compete, you have 15 days to request a cancellation, and 30 days to post your review. Best of luck!

If order is automatically completed after 3 Days then no problem you can contact seller and he/she will help you.

ach nie, alles ist verloren!

Contact the seller, if no reply, then contact fiverr support for help.

Contact seller. He/She may offer a refund. Or contact customer support, explain all story and mention the order number. They would give you a good solution. But remember, you can only get a refund if you contact them asap. Otherwise funds are available to withdraw after 14 days of actual order completion date. So, seller may withdraw it. By the way, I suggest you to contact the seller before contacting customer support.

You can also request a modification. This will put it back on the seller’s to-do list.
As a seller, if I ever see one of those it’s a big deal and I’m on it. But your results will vary with how honorable the seller is, they technically can just turn it in empty again.

All that being said, I’d go with what @mariarajput786 said. Contact customer support. They’ll take good care of you if your explain the situation and are polite about it, just give them a few days to respond.