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Seller Missed Deadline and is Ignoring me!


I ordered a kindle cover from fragglesrock and was told it would be ready in three days. It’s now 7 days later and he not only hasn’t delivered my cover, but has also ignored two very polite requests for an update on my cover. Can I report this seller? I’m really disappointed - it’s messing up my schedule!

Orl :slight_smile:

Honestly what I would do is reject it for failing to deliver on time. That way you receive your money back and can go elsewhere.

Good day Orlacoffey,

Sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Was the sellers’s maximum timeframe set for 3 days? If not, it could be that something came up unexpectedly, as it does tend to happen. Also, it’s highly probable that your seller isn’t getting your messages, as one of Fiverr’s bugs is not sending updates about messages. Therefore, it’s possible they may not even know you’re sending them messages. (I’ve had this happen often).

While it is good business to keep you updated about the project you ordered, again, unexpected things do happen. If the order isn’t late, just keep trying to contact your buyer. If it is, then you’re welcome to cancel the project and find another seller willing to help you.

Good luck!

You can request a mutual cancellation, or should have received an email giving you the option to cancel the order. The email happens if it’s over 24 hours late determined by the countdown clock on your gig–the timeframe that the seller decides on.

If you cancel because it is late, it will leave an automatic negative on the seller’s gig.

If the timer hasn’t actually ticked down to zero, then the orders not officially late. Although you can still request a mutual cancellation. I’d do that, especially if the seller is ignoring polite requests.