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I am a new seller. I found a company on Fiver called “***************" They claim that they will place your classified ads in fifty million ad spaces world wide. I liked the concept so, i placed two orders with this company. At first, they were very responsive. Now however, I can’t get them to answer any questions,or respond. What i would like to know is if anyone else has used this company, and if so, what was your experience with them. I need to know if i have made a mistake here. Any responses are appreciated… Thank you all

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Since your first two orders were completed and you posted positive reviews, those orders are technically over and the seller doesn’t actually have to respond. They could be busy, away, or just uninterested. Most users would consider that poor business strategy but not a rule violation.

The seller does seem to have lots of sales and mostly good reviews and at least you were happy with those gigs. The seller also has some record of late deliveries, so it may not be surprising that they aren’t always timely communicators. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy more from them. Traffic gigs often don’t do much if anything, so another strategy might be worth trying. Good luck!

Thank you for your advice. I definately will not be purchasing anything else from this seller anymore. I think it was just a scam. from this point on, i will use a different approach…

Thank you so much for your comment. Overall, i think this company was just a scam. At this point, i don’t know who i can trust on Fiver so, i’m done using it.

Hopefully this still reaches you leonard. I can attest that fiverr has a ton of good sellers here. At one time fiverr was my primary source of income and I strive to keep good reviews and stuff on my page and 5 star ratings … etc… What kjblynx just posted are all GREAT things to pre-screen EVERY seller here on fiverr. You have people on here just trying to make a quick buck all over the board. On any platform , some will be less credible than others. The biggest thing I look for would be their user reviews … amount of reviews… and Grammar … If they misspell more than 2 words in it… Thats a red flag. If they arent treating it like a completely professional business… Why should you spend your dollars on it? – Furthermore , who should you shame if you did? … Fiverr’s whole site? Or that Specific seller?

Good luck in your next purchase. Its worth a shot to see what fiverr’s got.

I’ve heard some users buying youtube likes and other “like” or “subs” have had issues with a percentage of those being lost or just disappearing… So be careful with other strategies if you are buying traffic gigs. Do plenty of research as some methods are considered “blackhat” or “whitehat” and you need to know what you’re doing. (it can hurt your site or completely blacklist it in google) Not sure what you’re doing specifically but this info is good for anyone to hear so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned there.