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Seller named Fragglesrock


I recently ordered a gig from seller Fragglesrock. what i thought was a great start filled with optimism and a long lasting business relationship turned out to be my worst nightmare. The seller lied for an entire week about finishing the gig. At one point stopped replying to my emails and finally, after 1 week of waiting decided to tell me that he could not finish the gig because he was tired. Obviously a dispute has been filed with the processor and i hope for a positive outcome. Why am I writing this post?

I want buyers to be very vigilant in how they choose who to do business with. Request (demand) a sample if possible before you order. send lots of inquiries to make sure they get replied to in a quick manner. Make sure you ask alot of questions from various sellers and make sure you compare the over all understanding and advise you get from the seller. And most important explain your needs and time lines to make sure the seller understands what they are and if not met, how it will affect your business. Read very carefully past reviews and make sure they look legit. People who are satisfied with a good seller will usually write a few sentences, not just a one word review. Take care my friends and be careful of Fragglesrock.


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Sorry to hear about your experience, but naming is not allowed on the forum. I suggest finding another seller to fulfill your needs and forget the bad experience. Customer S usually backs the buyers unless they are obviously in the wrong and a seller reports them, so I think you’ll get a refund.

I suggest editing out the name and leaving this topic as a warning to buyers to be careful with choosing their sellers. :slight_smile:

I hope that by saying, “…a dispute has been filed with the processor…” you don’t mean you filed a chargeback with PayPal or your credit card, as that will nix your account here. Also, naming and shaming as said before is not allowed in the forum, regardless of whether the seller deserves to be outed for bad service or not. I think the excuse they gave you of being “too tired” is pretty darn lame and unforgiveable!


I think most sellers will drop someone like you in a heartbeat. I wish you luck though.