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Seller named \\\"********\\\"... Please avoid at all costs!

Hello everyone. I had a terrible experience with my first try at Fiverr. The seller is supposedly named *******. After reaching out to her for her resume revamping service, she asked to see my resume. (Pretty coldly, I might add.)

I sent it to her. After a lengthy delay, I emailed her to ask for an update. She responded with “…I won’t be able to help you on your project. Thank you.” My favorite part is her “Thank you” closing, as if she did me a favor. She has my resume and has dropped my project and inquiry just as if it was an inconvenience to her… offering no reason as to why she can’t take me on.

Please avoid her and pass the word. I don’t care how many reviews she has saying otherwise. I can only go by my direct experience with someone or a company. Her apathetic care speaks more words than her two-dimensional email response. Please save your money, folks. There are many more options out there.

Thank you, *****!

I received a threat from *******, who posted the above to attack my reputation. Before I am judged please read the following conversation from my inbox.

******: Hello, Will you please contact me to discuss how I can possibly purchase your services for a resume and cover letter? I believe I have a vast amount of experience that is very valuable to companies, however, I feel my current resume lacks the ability to deliver this message.
Thank you very much.

Me: Hi there, First, you attach your current resume for review and recommendations. I’ll then send you a custom quote to get started. I look forward to working with you.

******: Hi, Attached is my resume. Please let me know what you think. Please also ensure to keep this information confidential.
Thank you.

Me: Hi Chris, Sorry for not getting back to you soon. I won’t be able to help you on your project.
Thank you.

And then came the threat;
“Enjoy my review, *****. Have a good day!”

  1. When the buyer reached out saying the resume is confidential and I see very sensitive contents related to security/FBI, I became uninterested.

  2. Sellers hold the right to say “NO” to projects. You reached out to know if I could help you or not, correct? People need to learn how to deal with rejections.

  3. Why did you leave out the part where, I said “sorry for not getting back to you early”? Maybe you want the readers to believe “I am cold”.

  4. This is not fair on me as a seller, but then again, thank you ******. For my safety, I will be sure to report this to the right authorities.

What the OP did is against Fiverr rules, but thanks to an efficient Customer Support, sellers are protected. There are 2 sides to a story and this is just immature!

chrissal123 the seller has the right to deny/refuse your gig, for whatever reason they choose, it doesn’t matter, if they say no, you should respect that and move on and find a seller that is willing to help/do it for you.
What’s not cool is because you got rejected you felt the need to act like a child and ruin their reputation, simply because you couldn’t get your own way! This is not tolerated on Fiverr, esp in the forum, hence why you’re seeing * where the name should be, if you have a problem take it up with customer support.

The buyer can’t leave a review unless they placed an order.

I think the seller could have answered promptly saying she could not work on the project.
To have a long delay and then to give such a curt message isn’t great customer service but it STILL is not deserving of any type of retaliation. I can’t believe what easy lives people must have to get so angry over such a small thing.

When she didn’t answer promptly you should have just found another seller. There seem to be hundreds who work on resumes.

Oh, wonderful. I love it when the truth comes out. Bad lucky Chris, although it was pretty obvious that you were throwing a strop over not being able to work with someone, and threatening to leave a bad review? I guess that’s what the bully boys in the security world like to do, eh?

What a silly reason to get angry. LOL. So someone declined to do your work. Get over it. Jeez.

By the way resume writing seems to be a great idea provided you have some sort of HR experience. @Jobranked has a good thing going there.

Where’s the argument. I came here expecting a one sided slanging match, economy with the truth and mutterings about the 2nd amendment and an argument. All I got was common sense and the truth.

I don’t think this is huge enough to cause a rift but if you had got declined or turned down there must be a reason to that. If you find yourself wearing that shoe deal with it subtlely.

It is so strange to me that someone feels the need to come to the forum and try to publicly blast a seller that they didn’t even pay any money simply because the buyer felt their responses were too cold. You’re angry because she wrote, “I won’t be able to help you on your project. Thank you.”? Really? Really? You think she deserves to be put in the stocks because she…said…“Thank you?” I think you’re ascribing motives and intentions to someone’s typed words that are impossible for you to actually know.

I had one who “didn’t really like my style of communicating”… I don’t know what it is, but when they get all bent out of shape after reading simple text, it makes me wonder what’s in their minds.

If the seller was rude and told them to stfu and f/off then yeah they would have a case but this is just sour grapes obviously, some people are far too fragile, get their feeling hurt over the slightest things unfortunately.