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Seller needs funds to begin. Do I mark the order complete?

A seller is asking me to complete an order because he needs the funds to begin the project. What he is doing does cost significant amounts of money and it is justifiable but I am curious to know if I will still be protected by Fiverr. Does anyone have an answer?

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Never do it because after mark the order as complete maybe he will block you and you will loose your money

he is no need of funds to get start.Even you mark the order as complete then he will be able to withdraw the money after a period of clearance of funds 14 days.

Yes you will be able to get refund after marking order as complete within 14 days period by contacting with customer support and showing them all the chat.

I gave you all answers and i think it is enough for you :heart_eyes:
By the way what amount of order you gave him and what service you want from him? :thinking:


I’ll be able to get the money back within 14 days?

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Yes!:roll_eyes: but for that you have to prove your side before customer support.But why you want to take a risk to loose your money

It is Instagram verification. If I am not verified within 12 days I will request the refund. You think this will work?

Yes will work.But let’s assume seller needs funds and you marked order as complete.Let’s start he can and will withdraw money after 14 days of clearance.During this time if he is honest then how he can use funds as i told he will be able to withdraw after 14 days.Try to understand please don’t take risk of loosing money with also your 14 days.Keep assure will not do your work and will just block you and then you will go to customer support and will waste more of your two days.Then what you found by trusting him definitely nothing.But you wasted your more valuable 14 days also you will get headache :neutral_face:

I clearly wrote all of this in the requirements. And Fiverr should respond within 2 days.

I also payed through PayPal.

Why would you need to pay someone to do it for you? You can apply for the badge for free.

Anyway, if you do it, the seller will only be able to withdraw and use the funds after 14 days, and by then, you won’t be able to demand a refund. Plus the seller would have to violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service, because sellers are not allowed to mark the order as delivered until they’ve done the work.


after 14 days, really?
How sure are you that the seller is not a “top rated” seller?
Last time I checked , top rated sellers and pro sellers have only 7 days funds clearance period

If you’re planning to charge back from paypal. I’ll say , don"t do it!
Fiverr frowns at it and you can be suspended too

I can’t be certain, of course, except that a TRS or a Pro seller would be less likely to risk getting banned for violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service, which is what this seller has done.

Hi @robertfort welcome to fiverr forum.

It’s sellers responsibility to arrange his expertise to complete the project. When a gig is created it means the seller has the equipment/money he need and he’s ready to start the project.

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This kind of order breaches Instagram TOS and thereby Fiverr’s also. It is more likely that you will find your account banned than it is you will find sympathy with CS.

There is also no reason why your seller would need funds upfront for this. Nor is there any way your new verified account will last longer than a month before it is disabled.

Instagram is owned by Facebook. If you ever use FB products like FB, Messenger, or WhatsApp, (or have previously used Instagram), lots of FB tracking cookies will eventually flag your IP or basic human behavior online, as not consistent with that of the verified owner of your Insta account.

That’s the problem with people who outsource dodgy things like account verification tasks. None of you seem to understand how pointless doing so is in the long-term, yet all af you want some kind of guarantee from the person selling you a dodgy sevice that it’s 100% legit…