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I agreed to write a 3000 word chapter of a novel for a buyer. The deal was that I was going to write the whole novel and deliver each separate chapter as a gig. The buyer told me to come up with my own idea just as long as it took place in Hawaii. I spent almost 3 weeks writing a total of 12 chapters. The guy refused to accept any of the chapters and asked me to modify them. Two days later, the book has shown up under his name on Amazon published under Create Space. He’s got the book and I have no money for writing it. I’ve checked with the resolution center and there seems to be no way to dispute that. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I am not sure if anything can be done on fiverr for that. You can contact amazon and show proof that you were ripped off. You can also register a police case as a cyber crime.




That’s a very sad story.

Why on earth did you agree, and actually write something either before or without the buyer placing an order?

What’s to dispute? It appears that you did work for free, what can Fiverr do?


The buyer did order 12 gigs, but after I delivered them, The buyer refused to accept them and asked for modification, however, he published the novel as I had delivered it. And, now, I’m stuck without payment.



That’s something you will have to submit a ticket for. You can do that here:

Hopefully CS will complete the order for you so you get paid.


Maybe you can modify them and submit and force the buyer to cancel and then refuse the mutual cancellation


Peggysue, if you wrote them then the copyright still belongs to you, his use is copyright infringement.


How did he skirt paying you if he already bought the gigs? If the buyer just rejected them through the system (on the gigs it says “Buyer requested modification” or something like that), and then posted the book anyway, just redeliver the original content and get your payment. Be sure to take screen shots of his requests, his rejections, and the book on CreateSpace, so if he posts negative reviews, you can contact fiverr’s Customer Service, prove that you provided the work and that he just wanted work for free.


that’ is such a douchebag move for him. I would defiantly be heart broken if I was in your position. that person is such a lazy bum. he should not only pay for the chapters, he should also pay for the licence to put it on Amazon and put his name which can cost hundreds to thousands, so basically he robbed you off hundreds and thousands. message him on Amazon and tell him that it’s your book and you demand to take it off. later call up the police or something and get him tracked or if you don’t want the police to be involved you can just report him and tell him off to Amazon.

next time when you are selling books/chapters don’t put the “gig extra thing” so that people can pay after each chapter you create so that no one can rob it all off you .


or you can modify the book and somewhere in the text write some kind of code for the readers to read (because i am sure he will not read what you wrote, he’s only for the money) and tell the readers that it is your book and for them to report him.


If you were paid for the book, then you did a contract writing job. Usually, unless specified otherwise, when under contract, the copyright goes to the buyer. If he hasn’t paid, but is claiming rights to the book, then you might have a case for a legal suit. Depends too on where he lives. There are a lot of unknown factors to the situation at this point. Feel free to send me an email.


People with such tactics exist all over the world. Nothing fiverr can do. Its hard to get the money recovered from such people. If you don’t get the money just tell you heart that you donated money to some beggar. Some beggars are in poverty and some require to leech off on others to survive. That’s what I feel when I get cheated for working hard.


It’s really horrible experience as seller


Visit and and tell them the story. You have the evidence because you are using Fiverr, which in this case is a third party witness. If they request evidence, take pictures of your communication with the Buyer and send it to them. Also contact Fiverr directly and complain.

In the future, never make such a deal. Anyone can easily publish a book on Amazon, CreateSpace, Hulu, Smashwords, etc. If you know how to write do so and with time you’ll have enough books on the market to gain a fanbase.

Don’t sell yourself short. Good luck!


What kind of modifications is he asking for?

According to Fiverr’s TOS, "Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller in the gig description."

However, as he has not paid for them yet, they are still not his to sell.

Frankly, I don’t know how Amazon or Createspace works…do either of these companies see the contents of the book that he’s selling? I ask because he may just have thought, “Oh, I’ll get the product soon so I might just list it now and get a head start on marketing it.”


Reply to @katarinanolte: I already have some of my own books on Amazon, but have had too few sales to make a profit.


@rinchan86 is right. Nothing can be done on the buyer’s property… only thing you can do probably is to get what you were paid on fiverr… those 12 gigs. that’s all, period.

atechkid said: You can contact amazon and show proof that you were ripped off. You can also register a police case as a cyber crime.

Yes, and buy all means. Contact Amazon in addition to Fiverr! Give Amazon a call, make sure to talk to a human being instead of sending an email. Gather all your proof, get that customer service agents email and send them the proof and they will remove it.

You can always sue them!