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Seller Needs Time Extension

There are many circumstances that can cause a seller to deliver an order late. Rather than have the order sitting flagged as Very Late, and leaving it open for cancellation by the buyer, it would be nice to have a way for the seller to request an extension of time from the buyer. If the buyer approves, the order would NOT show up as Late, but add the requested amount of time on to the order.

I would like to see something like this, too. I had to have emergency surgery a few weekends ago and this would have come in handy. Luckily, the buyer was ok with me hitting the deliver button to stop the clock but I would much rather have something else in place.

Nice idea.

Currently, if I ever have the situation where something may potentially go late I just message the buyer regarding the situation and if they are OK with it I hit the deliver button early to stop the counter. Then just get the work done ASAP

It sounds like a good idea, but alternatively if you start getting busy or you feel worried you won’t be able to deliver, increase your delivery time so that all future orders will be temporarily pushed back. You can also use extras to your advantage to push days back further. I have been off and on using Fiverr for two years and haven’t had any issues with late delivery or anything like that even when people order a lot.

In general, you should set your delivery time for an ideal time-frame for you, while giving you wiggle-room in case you get bulk orders(or some kind of emergency scenario), and setting extras up to help further push back delivery time if you have more complicated things you want to offer.

Luckily many buyers are OK with sellers hitting the deliver button early and then delivering at their earliest convenience. But in all legality, this sort of practice should be avoided.

Not that fiverr sellers would, but they COULD make an agreement with the buyer to hit the deliver button early and then never deliver. Granted, the buyer could then leave negative feedback, but I think fiverr would prefer to avoid having this situation even occur in the first place.

As well, it would make buyers more comfortable knowing that they are still "guaranteed’ delivery because the order remains active in the system. This “safety for the buyer” precaution could even attract more buyers to fiverr.

I dont like to see my delivery time decreasing. Much of times it is the customer asking me to have more days to review it, and think about the lat edits. So i’d like to have the opportunity to extend the time by agreement, but without ask the buyer to charge more, is it possible?