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Seller never delivered my material, because I left him a 4 star review and now disappeared

I agreed on a Ai and Jpeg design with the seller, and I payed him for that… the seller send me the jpeg for demonstration, and then told me he’ll send me the Ai file which I needed after I left him the feedback… so I left him 13/15 total stars feedback and he got really upset, now he’s not responding to me and not giving me back my file, and there seems to be no way to contact fiverr customer service.

Seller is fragglesrock

Sheriff’s note: naming and shaming is not allowed on this forum.

Reply to @hustler101: Here it’s different, anything less than 5 stars is seen as a failure, and reduces the seller’s overall rating.

You provided me the customer support link but what am I suppose to do with it? Which article do I start reading first?

I was hoping to contact customer support to resolve this issue… I dont see a contact form, what am I suppose to do now?

You can contact customer support ;). You will see “Submit a request” in the upper right. Good luck

Hello you can contact with customer support for this issue. and if any seller provide good work according to brief and discussion buyer need to also send 5 star rating for seller.

Why you did not asked him for modification for you full satisfaction? so you were able to leave 5 star after getting modification.

It had to do with the sellers communication and misunderstandings during the procedure which I found to be a bit frustrating, the work was good. I left feedback on elance before and people don’t really mind if you leave them 4 star reviews

Click on ‘Submit Request’ on the top right from the link given to you.

From there it is self-explanatory.

Hope that helps

Reply to @catwriter: I think you know this but I’ll add it for those who don’t. Anything above 3 stars is supposed to be a positive rating. What many buyers don’t know is that a seller can make lots of sales and never get a 1-2 star rating and still be heavily penalized by Fiverr. A seller with a 90% positive rating can have their level badges taken away, though, and that is a Fiverr fail that can completely kill the account. Many sellers feel forced to maintain a perfect rating due to fear of penalty.