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Seller no longer available on the marketplace?

I had a seller working on a website for me for the past 10 days. He was not done on day 10 so the project was categorized as late. I was fine with him not delivering as I saw constant screenshots and he was sending me links to the demo of the website for me to test. I randomly get an email from fiverr Customer support saying “We had to cancel your order with {Fiverr SELLER NAME}, as they are no longer available on the marketplace. Keeping our community safe and secure is a big deal for us, and we want to make sure you get the highest quality of delivery and service.” I also gave this guy a design (source file) of what the web application should look like from a UIUX designer.

He had over 100+ 5 star reviews so I am not sure what happened to him. Although he also had 2 - 4 other websites in the que when I ordered mine, but mine was a decent chunk of change so maybe he could of just quit and worked on something else idk Any ideas?

It sounds like your seller may have been banned from Fiverr. :thinking:

That happens when the seller breaks the ToS, has more than one account, or participates in some other shady shenanigans! :wink:

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Well that is unfortunate, he was very far into the project! 10 days in, thanks for the reply!