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Seller not completing work and i cannot contact him

I am waiting on two drawings to be finished from a seller but i cannot contact him as i get a “cannot be contacted at this time message” on the inbox page. He is clearly doing work for other people but i have had no contact for coming up to three weeks! What can i do?

Have you even ordered?.. I get some msgs from people asking me to do work for them, they send everything but they never place an order. so of course they will not get anything. If you ordered you don’t have to contact him through msgs!.. there is the “order page” which you can send him msgs directly just like the inbox… so if you did ordered and can’t reach him through msgs try that. He might have blocked you that’s why you can’t send him any msgs. If he passed his delivery date you can cancel your order and get a refund without his approval.

I ordered a logo and got the most shoddy work conceivable; it looked like it had been created by a child. I gave the “designer” very explicit details and he got none of it right. After 4 more attempts, I asked him for a full and immediate refund, but he keeps sending me more and more useless and amateurish work for my “approval.” How can I contact Fiverr directly to get my money back? Thanks.

Well it’s up to a month now and it really looks like this guy has screwed me. He has a high rating because he’s a great artist but he has really let me down and i cannot do anything about it seemingly. Fragglesrock in case anyone is interested. :frowning:

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users by name is against the forum Do’s and Dont’s. You may open a ticket with Customer Support for assistance if you are unable to reach the seller.