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Seller not delivered as promised

Hi Guys,

i need some assistance please, i ordered a website overhaul from a seller here about a month ago.

after lots of back and forth we agreed the price and what needed to be done, the original deadline had passed and the seller had requested more time, which i was happy to provide.

then, a few days ago i had requested an update and was given the run around about how busy he was.

I had stated i was unhappy with the service.

today i got a cancellation message from the seller stating my server was not fast enough for him to work on etc… which is not true as i have a dedicated server which runs perfectly well

he stated in the cancellation that i had requested extra items, which is simply not true.

my questions are:

how do i cancel this gig using the real reasons and how do i provide feedback on this seller.

how do i get my money returned to me? ($200)

any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You can decline his cancellation offer. Then go to the same resolution option request a cancellation from your end. You can write in your own details. If the seller accepts the cancellation, most of your payment will go back into your Fiverr account. If you paid a processing fee, Fiverr will hold that and pay it to anything else you buy on Fiverr.

For more info on that, go to the Support Team page and search for processing fee. The Knowledge Base has more detail.