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Seller Not Delivered On Time Avoids Negative Feedback

I recently purchased a gig and when the gig wasn’t delivered 3 days past the expected delivery date, I cancelled which I was entitled to do, as I had given him 3 extra days. He sent me a sarcastic message about him being patient (don’t understand that) and surprised I had cancelled. Anyway, he has no negative feedback with regards the cancelled order and we didn’t mutually agree to cancel the order, so I think it’s only fair that the public should see he failed to deliver on time. How can he have no feedback over that gig?

If I understad what you are saying correctly, then the seller should have a “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!” feedback.

I saw something that I thought was not possible the other day. A seller got 2 of these “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!” feedbacks, but somehow he managed to get them removed (by Customer Support I guess).

The point is, I didn’t even know it was possible to get that kind of feedback removed, and this can be the case with your order.

Number of reasons as to why this can happen:

  1. The seller has a genuine reason for not delivering on time. I have received 20 or so ‘late delivery’ cancellations over the past week. This is because my gig was able to accept orders despite being switched to vacation mode. I submitted proof and BAM, the feedback was removed. The same happened when I went into hospital as an emergency. I submitted proof that this occurred and the feedback went. This allows people to deal with things that were out of their control.

  2. Sometimes the system ‘glitches’ out and the feedback is not actually left. This has happened to me once or twice. Nobody knows what causes it.

  3. He may have offered mutual cancellation when he told you it was going to be late. If you declined and then later cancelled for late delivery then he can get the feedback removed. This is because sellers are required to offer mutual cancellation before a gig goes late if they wish to avoid negative feedback.

  4. In the past (and I am not sure if this happens now), in the case of late delivery cancellation the seller can send a message to the buyer and explain the circumstances AND ask for feedback removal. If there is no response from the buyer then it can be removed in 48 hours by customer support. This only applies to late delivery feedback and no other type of feedback.

  5. You may have said that the delay was fine. If you did then the feedback can be removed if you later cancel (sort of ties in with point 3)

  6. You may not have submitted all of the information that the seller needed to progress adequately with the gig or you may have asked for something outside the scope of the gig. If that happened then the feedback can be removed if the seller required more information from you (and asked for it!)

    Just a question, why do you think he deserved it? Yeah, you cancelled. However, things do happen from time to time which are out of the seller’s control e.g. emergencies as detailed above. Remember, people get punished twice with an order cancellation! This means both a hit to their cancellation rate AND negative feedback in most cases. Not fun really. I would class too many orders coming in as a genuine reason too! Remember, sellers can’t decline orders without ‘punishment’. As I have said numerous times on here, anybody can fall asleep one night and find that there are two hundred orders in their queue when they wake up. There is no accounting for this sadly. If we cancel then we lose our level. Kind of sucks.

    Did he give any reason as to why he would be late?

I understand there are emergencies and things do happen, but that’s why we always have to set more days than what we actually need to complete the gigs. All my gigs are set to 11 days, even though I deliver way earlier. Things do happen (Fiverr site down, health emergencies, etc).

So we must think ahead and be prepared. I even have 2 Internet connections, one landline and one 3G (just in case something goes wrong with one of them).

If something like that happens to me, then I will at least have 24 to 48 hours to resolve any personal issue I could be facing.

And if I ever get to the point where I have to set the gigs to 29 days, then it’s time for me to hire someone to help with my Fiverr duties or suspend some of my gigs.

I would rather suspend one of my gigs and not get my account filled with negative reviews from late deliveries.

Thanks for your replies, you all have valid points. However, I cancelled the order myself, there was no mutual agreement from him, he didn’t let me know he would be late delivering, so I think he deserves to get negative feedback in this instance.

If he had contacted me to say he would be late, I would have accepted that, but he was sarcastic without any apology or reason for being late.

Makes me think that sellers are able to avoid negative feedback when not delivering on time, to me that cannot be right.

philoakey said:
  • Makes me think that sellers are able to avoid negative feedback when not delivering on time, to me that cannot be right.

It is not as easy as it was in the past now. If there is NOT a valid reason then we have no hope. I have one or two negative remarks for late delivery on my account (in fact, the only negative feedback I have ever received!), these feedbacks were related to the buyer not sending information on time i.e. when asked. I was told I had to deal with the feedback as I had the opportunity to request mutual cancellation.

I am going to guess that he either had a valid reason or the system glitched.