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Seller not delivering - No support

Where do i find support. - Seller is not delivering anything but a word document. And he will not cancle the order. - We are on the 15. review now… And still just getting a word document for a WordPress module.

Where do i find some fiverr support?



Thanks. Can not find anyone to contact there.

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums. You can send a message to and/or submit a ticket here:


Have you tried to contact the seller and ask for the explanation?
Maybe there is some error when he / she delivered the job.

Not sure what you ordered … asking the seller for detailed explanations would probably help

Many times. - Geting the same storry, and nothing.

Well… Support does not answer. And also, there is no answer to the ticket.

Not if i never get one.

It’s been three days now when you post the topic. I wonder why the seller hadn’t resolved the issue till yet.
Did the seller tells you what’s wrong with the order that you’re only getting a word document instead Wordpress?

never got what ? it’s not clear

Directly contact customer support using there email ,
Btw you had to ask for a refund before review the order

@saheli9 is correct.

Never get an answer from support. - It has been 6 days, and no answer.

However, i have solved the issue. I have just made a chargeback by my bank. - So, i’m home free.

that’s against the tos , most likely you’ll get banned

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Well… As noone is answering the support, it is OK. - As i have tryed with the seller for two weeks.

right now, there is nothing you can do but wait :grinning:

Hi, your reply sounds like one of Fiverr staff, always helpful and full of information :grinning:

Possible they are helpfull. - I would just like an answer after 6 days, it should be possible,