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Seller not delivering

Hi all. (I am not sure if this is the right category, admins please move if it is wrong)

I have ordered a gig from a seller. The seller did not complete on time, but uploaded some other pictures, and marked the job as completed. This because he had to participate in a religious celebration, and could not find the time to complete the gig.

I took his word on that the images would be delivered shortly.

After i contacted him again some time later, he said within 24 hours. This was Friday last.

I am now unable to cancel this gig. What to do?

Hi There,

The best thing will be to contact the seller again, and told him that he has 2 days to send you the work he promised. If he doesn’t then the best thing to do is contact the fiverr support and contact them with the problem.

I think that you can get a refund if you weren’t satisfied from the order, in the following 14 days after the order was marked as completed.

If you didn’t rate the seller and the order wasn’t marked as complete you can cancel the order by yourself.

I would suggest to contact Customer Support for assistance since this might be a scam. Provide as many screen shots as possible. They might be able to cancel the order for you.
For the future please make sure to ALWAYS click the modification button if the work wasn’t delivered as promised. This will prevent the order from getting marked as complete.
Best of luck!

I have asked for it to be delivered by the end of today. I hope that the seller deliver.

the best way to contact seller first and ask refund if he/she not refund then you can easily contact customer support and support team will be resolve your as soon as possible. thanks

Do gigs the same time show.
Late show is (LATE) on your order page.
Please read the description of the seller gigs.
If that is right, it can be canceled

First you contact with the seller then ask him about work and delivery and analysis what he/she want, and what will do for your work then make conclusion and contact with Customer Support or Support Team thank you.

You sound like a nice man. He should have completed the order as stated on time.
His excuse sounds like bull. Contact customer support immediately and let them know you did not get what you paid for.