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Seller not getting orders after only One bad Review

So, here’s the thing fellas.

I was a novice here at Fiverr and started about 4 months ago. Initially, I wasn’t getting orders, but then when I started to get them, I put all my hard work in completing them.

I completed about 3-4 orders and then came a buyer, who wanted me to assist (him/her) on (his/her) work.

I couldn’t do so as my exams were approaching and due to another set of severe conditions prevented me from completing the order. I told (him/her) everything, but then (she/he) waited for the duration of order to get over and then cancelled the order after Fiverr order page shows ‘LATE’.

He/She even put a bad review on my profile. And from then I’m observing that I’m not getting orders.

Please help me, because I’m not highly experienced here at Fiverr but I want to continue.

Any type of help will be highly appreciated.

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Actually they didn’t put that review on your profile. The “cancelled order - Seller failed to deliver on time” review is an automatic review/rating that happens after an order is late (maybe a couple of days late) and the buyer selects the option to cancel because of it.

A problem with your “Fictional Writer” gig is that it is in the “creative writing->poetry” category but your gig never mentions poetry. If it’s not about poetry maybe it could be put into a different category. Also the title says “Fictional Writer” but your gig descriptions also mention “non-fictional”. If you also do non-fiction the title won’t help with orders for those and the fact that it’s in the creative writing section won’t help for that.

Also I assume you’re checking the BR section as that should help if you see requests that you can do.

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I am facing the same issue

Thank you very much for your help sir/ma’am.
The thing is that I have stopped getting any orders after that particular order, for which i was rated bad.
Can you help me in this context?

You could keep sending offers to buyer requests that you can do and promoting your gig if necessary. If after a certain amount of time you still aren’t getting orders and you think it’s because of that review you could ask CS if you can close the current account and start a one. Also for the buyer requests you could show that you can definitely do what is being asked (if it’s a visual one you could show a link to a preview version that has a watermark) before ordering.

Guys help mw also …
i didnt get any order yet

You could check if anything could be updated in any of your gigs, such as the main gig images etc.

For the gig “I Will Claim That You Will Find Me A Best Research Proposal Writer” - maybe that gig title could be reworded to say more precisely what you will do. eg. instead of “I will claim that…” you could say “I will write a professional business proposal” or something else that says what you’ll do.