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Seller not happy because I didnt give 5* feedback

Well this site bit of a joke - 3 jobs 2 cancellations - happy with 1 job and thought was k but not worth a 5* rating. so gave my honest 3.5*. Seller messaged saying 3.5* effects their work and wants to cancel the order and that removes my feedback. That creates a false representation of the seller.

Right. If a seller satisfy your job task. then you should give 5star feedback. All seller aren’t good.

@ecj101983: It doesn’t give a false representation of the seller.

If you are not happy with the sellers work then seller is ready to give you full refund so that you can get your money back & can hire some other seller to complete your work.

And if you are getting your money back then in return he is asking you to remove the feedback as even he is not getting any money for the work that he did so its not fair to rate a seller if you are not paying him/her

Thank you :slight_smile:

Except you’re the first person to buy the gig, i would say it is far from false false representation of the seller. It is practically impossible for a seller to satisfy all the buyers all the time, and having issues with some orders doesn’t mean that the seller is not good. It happens in real world business, and having the opportunity to get your money back is a great thing. You don’t need to take it too far, just accept the refund and move on. If your honest review is a true representation of the seller, definitely, other buyers will share their experience with worst reviews.

To think of it, every seller expect 5stars after finishing job for buyer but I think the rating should be left for the buyer, that’s why its called feedback

Let the buyer express their experience after the transaction but all the same if a seller satisfacted you, 5* is a good way to say thank you

You may decline giving a feedback if you’re not that happy with the work and just communicate this with your seller.

The FEEDBACK removal policy is also there for such sellers. If the guy is promising you to give your money back in demand of removing the feedback then I guess it’s not that bad.
But if a buyer is paying money then not delivering the AWESOME order is very rude.

I fully agree, the rating system on Fiverr is a complete misrepresentation of a sellers ability. I ordered translation to German from seller with over 500 5 star ratings. He sent me the delivery and when I checked it, it was completely wrong, worse than a Google translation. It was absolute nonsense! I asked him about it and he immediately offered to cancel. As there was a bit of money involved and I would have to place the order with someone else, I was selfish and took the refund but I wish I could have let people know as well.
The cancellation system is ridiculous as is the mentality that anything less than 5 stars is not good enough. It’s the only site I know where this is the case. It puts so much power in the hands of buyers it is completely unfair.