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Seller not offering a quote

I am new and tried to get a quote and the seller passed. I am not sure why but I asked for a reference and sites they have created content for. IMO reviews are pointless when I see good job, great work, etc… How do I know someone does great work when I have no idea what they did?

Here is what I asked.
I am looking to redo my home page and services page possibly add an about us and bio. It is horrible and needs a lot of work. The site will be rebuilt soon. Do you have any references or sites I can view your work? I am new to this. For budget I am open want a good deal and good work.


Most sellers already have examples of their work in their gig portfolio :woman_shrugging: What other references do you need? (They also can’t send you the links to the websites because it’s against fiver TOS.)

If they do have samples in their gig then it’s kind of pointless asking for references, you can just go and check them on his page.

If they don’t have examples of their work in their gig then I would try to stay away because that person didn’t even bother to try to show his best work and didn’t put any effort in creating his gig.

I personally don’t like when someone comes and asking me for “references” because I have more than 500 samples of my work in my gigs so only ignorant person who really didn’t bother to even open any of my gigs would ask this.


The seller might not have been able to share because of confidentiality reasons.

The seller might have thought that you’re not sure what you want, and buyers who haven’t decided what they wanted can be difficult to work with. Some sellers stay away from such buyers.

Sellers have prices on their gigs, so, if the seller offers what you need, you should have been able to see the price they charge. A lot of sellers will avoid buyers who ask for a good deal, because it typically means asking for a discount, and prices on Fiverr are already discounted compared to what you’d have to pay somewhere else. Combine ‘needs a lot of work’ and ‘want a good deal’ and the seller might have thought you were some cheapskate who wants the moon for $5 (because there really are buyers demanding a lot of work for $5, plus they turn out to be horrible to work with - nothing to do with you, and a lot to do with the seller’s previous experiences).


Thank you for the feedback. Maybe I missed the sample in the gig profolio.

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