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Seller Not Responding After 24Hours

How do one get a seller to communicate, prior to ordering a gig?

I find it strange or amazing that as a potential buyer in the Fiverr market looking for a gig to order, communication is important. The more questions asked, the more serious is the buyer.

Nevertheless, it is different here.

Any sound advice? It has been more than 48 hours, and the seller is not responding.

It would be good if the Fiverr management also has a system or point deduction in the ranking etc. that penalize sellers in the area of communication, so as to improve on the standard of communication between seller and buyer to reduce order cancellation.


Richard Cheah

Just contact someone else.
Also, this:

is completely untrue.
The more the buyer respects and values the seller’s time, the more serious the buyer.


Fiverr does penalize sellers who don’t respond. However, if your seller is not responding, you really need to start thinking about looking elsewhere for the service which you are in need of. Your preferred seller might be ill, have a personal problem, or might not even work on Fiverr anymore.

As a rule, the longer you wait to get a response from a message (after 24-hours) the less likely it is that you will at all. In this case, I would suggest going back and scouting new talent for whatever your current project is.


What you mean is no communication is the best respect to seller?

Sorry, this is not a sarcastic reply back to your comment. Then in the first place, how do you account for a “Contact Me” button given by Fiverr or listed by the Seller as “contact me first before you place any order” ?

Do you not agree that before any order, communication is important? And it will help to further reduce miscommunication and expectations, thereby reducing order cancellation?

Yes, I do agree with your opinion here.

However, on second thoughts, I do believe in giving the sellers a second chance. After all, I do believe most of the sellers have worked hard to become what they become today.

It has been more than 24 hours. I shall continue to wait as both the sellers that I communicated offer almost the same gig. Somehow rather, I do believe that maybe, both of these sellers are working closely together. One is arbitraging on the other’s expertise to get the order. So, when both these sellers communicate, they probably think that the buyer (myself) is serious enough to post a question in their area of expertise that they dare not commit, as to what they have offered in their gig.

Absolutely, contacting a seller is a good idea when necessary but saying “the more questions the better” is not.

Personally, I welcome communication in advance, will often answer a couple of reasonable queries etc and then send a proposal. However, when a buyer ignores the proposal and just continues asking for help and advice without ordering, then you know they are not serious buyers.

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I do not know, as a seller yourself, if you are able to track a buyer history, when he / she communicates with you.

I myself most of the time more closed to 95 - 98% has placed orders after communication with sellers. I just placed an order 1 day ago, after communicating with a seller. Counting it, it is only after 3 replies, that I placed a premium order (most expensive gig) with the seller.

Find a seller who responds promptly.

Very true. However today I had one like that come back and start asking questions again, ignoring my large custom order I had sent two weeks earlier. I told her to get the order I had sent before and much to my surprise she did.

Did you already ordered him?


No. Have not. Am only asking questions all related to the gig, prior to placing order.