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Seller not responding after taking payment

Seller is not responding after taking payment. What should I do?

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Wait for a reply.

Is the order past its delivery time? Or you just placed the order?

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Also: if you didn’t receive a notification that the order was automatically completed 14 days ago, your seller did no such thing.

Placing an order on Fiverr, does not mean that the seller “gets the money”.

It means Fiverr got it and will hold it, until the order is approved by you.

If your seller hasn’t responded within a few hours of placing an order, it happens sometimes.

Different time zones, other orders, personal time.

If it’s been days since you heard from your seller last, then you do have a right to feel alarmed, as it shows poor customer support skills on their end.

Ask for an update, see when you can get one before panicking.


after he/she does not reply in time. You can talk in fiverr customer care and cancel the order.

It’s been 3 days for a project of 12 days. ********* is the seller.

Seller is unresponsive, there is a change in sellers attitude. not trying to maintain contact. If seller has taken 2 weeks to complete the project and after 3 days also there is not change in the projects status. In such conditions, what options does a buyer have?

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Did you perhaps do something that the seller may have found unreasonable (like asking for more work with no extra pay) or offensive (like saying they are stupid)?

If not then perhaps they are simply elsewhere. It is a worrying thing but you have to wait it out as they have the right to work on the job as they see fit.


p.s. I always respond, yet clients often don’t so this goes both ways

Yes. It goes both way. But when after making the payment seller is not responding is incorrect. If buyer does not it’s his/her loss.

The project is for 12 days. It’s been 4 days. Seller does not initiate chats. Replies to my enquiries very very late like after a day or so with lame excuses that she was in a meeting and that the fiverr message did not pop up. Contrary to her speed when she was asking for closure of project and getting payment.

Waiting is doing nothing but a waste of time. Just feel it’s a big mistake.

It means that the seller has 8 more days to deliver the project. They’re definitely not late with it.

What kind of change? On Fiverr, sellers can only deliver completed projects, so once you place an order, there’s no change in the order status until the seller delivers (or until the order is disputed, for any reason).

Fiverr can be buggy and messages sometimes don’t pop up. If your seller also has a full time job, plus a life outside of Fiverr (for example, a family), it can be difficult to always respond quickly. Perhaps they were hoping that, now when the order is placed, they can simply work in peace.


I feel that you are overly demanding and micromanaging.

It doesn’t mean that your seller is right, they definitely could have a better communication.
However I also don’t like when I have let’s say 14 days deadline and on day 3 my buyer start asking me what’s the status and where is the update.
Timelines are there for a reason and your seller has 8 more days to complete your project.


Why does this seller need, Need, NEED to respond to you?

Now before you say, “because I am the buyer”, you haven’t said what sort of thing you are asking your seller to respond to???

If everything was organized as the job was being set up, why do you need communion with the seller so desperately? From your responses here I am with @mariashtelle1 that maybe you are being a bit too demanding.

Back off as the last thing you want is your Creative being negative about you & your job whilst you are needing them to be positive :wink:



Project was to get 1000 subscribers. Order created on 5th September. It’s been 3 days and counting. Just 5 counts have come and that also I feel was from my network. Reason to be alarmed?

I don’t think they should be offering to guarantee a specific number of subscribers, even if they say it’s organic results because it’s something they can’t guarantee/don’t have full control over.

The community standards 2020 say:

Do not post, offer or ask for:

Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.



I don’t think you can buy subscribers.

That’s a shady tactic that leads to no benefits for you.

It’s also against Fiverr’s ToS.

If you are purchasing shady services, you will get shady sellers.

It is what it is.


That and Google etc know the difference between real and faked site stats.

When an artist comes at me claiming so many thousand views, play, subscribers etc I can tell really fast if those are real or fake numbers. The moment I see that those claims are faked I back away really fast as once a cheat, always a cheat. They will cheat me, not only directly by expecting more than they are paying for but indirectly by doing less work than necessary to generate a great song so it will not be work i can proudly show in my Portfolio. Fake work can only bring empty results.

This is the complete opposite of glowing a career. Please take this situation as advice to do the real work and have real growth - hard & frustrating as it is.


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You can. (sorry for being a bit pedantic :wink:)

However, on any site that uses a subscriber system, e.g. YouTube, Twitch, etc., it’s against their ToS and will get your account terminated immediately without any chance for a dispute.

In fact, OP is lucky enough (or smart enough?) to not have mentioned their channel anywhere, otherwise my immediate action would have been to report them. People that buy subscribers actively hurt the honest and hard working members of the community.

What I meant was “it’s not allowed by Fiverr”.