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Seller not responding HELP

Your ticket: (#5136107) I placed my order about 4 days ago, he is offline since then, He is not seeing my message and left only a few hours before the deadline. he knows that I requested for quick delivery and he agreed to it.

Order number



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I don’t think fiverr support reads this forum so it’s best to contact them directly. If the time expires with no delivery, do not mark the delivery as complete and save screenshots if necessary.


Thanks for your reply! im sending email to fiverr support as well

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If there’s no delivery 48 hours after the deadline, you should be able to cancel the order from your end and get a refund.

For the time being, though, the seller isn’t late yet, and it’s impossible to tell whether something has happened to them.

Yea and i just need an quick update and thats all, so i can decide if i need to get another gig to work on the project

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I understand, but if the seller suddenly got into hospital, or something equally drastic happened, a quick update might not be possible.

If the delivery is made on time, don’t be afraid to rate them honestly in “Communication”, even if ‘honest’ is poorly.

I suggest be nice with your replies to buyer’s suggestion of help.
Don’t entice buyers to rate sellers poorly.

I hope your project is not too Time critical.
and that you can wait some more.
Maybe the seller is having personal issues. even hope its not Covid related.

Kindly stay patient and wait some more.