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Seller not responding or doing the job after payment - what next?


Question: I order a service that the seller said will take 24 hours. My service is the only one in the queue but I am not too sure if the seller will do the service since I got no feedback after passing the necessary information. What do I do? It is my first fiverr purchase but I think I will have to be even more careful now - See more at:


It all depends on the seller! Not all users are punctual!

Best of luck

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I have an Express Gig, and I only reply back to the user when I deliver, unless I have other questions. If I don’t see a need to reply back, I’ll save us both the time by just working on the order instead. So, you shouldn’t worry.

However, if it is after the deadline and the order is late, try messaging the seller on the order page. If they still don’t reply, you should then cancel.

Good luck!


Yes, what tannerman said.

Most sellers deliver without checking the order, but with 16 gigs, I have such a queue backed up, that it is hard for me to respond to every buyer. Oftentimes on the day that I am ready to deliver to the buyer, I see the question that the buyer asked 3 days ago and think “Darn, I should have looked at this order sooner”, but I try to deliver on time.

Here’s a trick for you that a buyer did to me: Ask for a mutual cancellation. Yes, it works. I had one buyer get impatient that I did not answer his questions and he started a mutual cancellation 3 days before the order was due to deliver. I thought he was a nut for asking for a mutual cancellation when the order was not set to deliver for 3 days. He definitely got my attention and I assured him that I was still alive on the planet and that I was backed up. I declined the mutual cancellation and apologized for the delay in getting back to him. Then, I pushed his order to the top of the queue and he gave me an amazing review.

So, try it :wink: