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Seller Not Responding . . . Should I be surprised?

Hey guys, I’ve been using fiverr for a decent amount of time maybe about 2 or 3 years now? I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but thankfully I’ve never really needed to use the resolution center or anything like that. Well that’s all changed unfortunately. I know ‘Sellers not responding’ stories are nothing new and happen to lots of people, but I still wanted to share my experience and get some outside input.

So about a month ago on November 8th 2019 I went around canvassing for programmers to help me bring an idea I had to life. I asked 5 programmers for help and out of the 5 only 2 replied to me. Both of them were very polite and cordial, they outlined everything that would be feasible and how much it would realistically cost for them to do. So i compared both gigs and chose the one that seemed like the better deal. So the seller I went with was newer and while that can be a red flag, I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt so we talked and he was very knowledgeable and polite. He even offered to add things to help round out my project free of charge.

So the original gig was slated for 10 days delivery time, but he specifically told me in the beginning that he would need around 15 days to complete the project. I agreed and told him that would be fine, my main concern was the product coming out right.

So over the next 3 days we kept in frequent contact going over the specifics of the project and what needed to be done and it was honestly a really swell experience. He seemed to know everything I was worried about before I could even say it! He told me that he could tell I was frustrated and I opened up and told him how I had gone down this road 3 times before looking for someone who could do this prototype for me. He assured me again that he understood and that I would be impressed by his work. So I finally relented and ordered his custom offer I was positive in my mind that he would be the one who could finally help me with the project.

So we kept in frequent contact with each other after that, there were times where if i didn’t respond right away he’d send a follow up message to make sure I was alright. I dunno maybe I got sentimental or something, but I really appreciated the notion. A few days after that he sent the first screenshots of the progress and he gave very detailed reports on what was going on. He told me what he had accomplished, which areas were giving him trouble, and what his honest opinion on the matter was. I was pleased with the progress and it looked like he was slated to finish on time so I gave him the greenlight and asked him to keep the updates coming.

So we’re chugging along and we get close to the gig finally being due, I could tell from conversation he was a little apprehensive about broaching the topic of needing an extension So I said “say how much more time do you think you’ll need. Like another week maybe?”

And he replied with “Based on the amount of polish left. yes” I was a little disappointed I wouldn’t be getting what I wanted when I wanted it, but I also understood the amount of work I asked him for and all the extras he was giving me on top of that, so I was in no position to be unreasonable. I told him that an extension was okay and that my main concern was a quality product. (This whole exchange took place on the 28th of November mind you.) He thanked me again and we went on about out days . . . then contact got spotty

So four days after the 28th I sent him a message on Dec 2nd asking if everything was going well. I didn’t receive a response, but I figured he was probably busy. So I waited til Dec 6th when I messaged him again asking if he was okay . . . no response. Now I’ve been ghosted on Fiverr before and I try not to take it personally, I try to be understanding and go through all the possible scenarios before going into “Buyer Panic Mode” But I would be lying if i said i wasn’t at least a little worried of being ghosted again.

3 days went by and then he finally replied to me on the 9th saying that he was finally putting certain aspects of the project together and that when he was done he would let me know and then we could finally be done. Now I neglected to mention the timeline of this project and when it was supposed to be due and what not

So on November 12 the order started and the order delivery date was updated to November 27th. He didn’t meet the 27th as a deadline so we both agreed on 3 days delivery extension, my delivery date was adjusted to the 30th and as of December 19th 2019 I haven’t received anything yet. The order is 18 days late and I honestly don’t know what to do.

Like I understand going back to the resolution center and getting my refund which I can easily do with a gig that’s this late, but I guess this let down really hurts because the seller kept me updated through the first half. I could see what was happening with my gig and it was everything I wanted. On one hand I feel like I just got strung along and wasted so much time in hopes of getting what I wanted, but on the other I’m still hopeful that he is working on my project and that maybe tomorrow will be the day I get it . . . Sorry for writing this wall of text, I’m just . . tired of this. This’ll be the 4th time this has happened to me where I’m all super hyped to finally get my dream gig done, and then I get hit with the major let down. Like I don’t even understand why he won’t respond to me anymore!? He has 2 projects in his queue I’m guessing mine and someone else’s right now, but even when I stay up way past my comfort hours to message him in his timezone, I don’t get anything in return now.

After December 9th I contacted him on the 13th and 18th respectively . . . I honestly don’t know what I should do, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.


I’m afraid that this means you no longer have an order with this seller. When an order is over 3-days late, it is automatically cancelled by Fiverr. When that happens, your funds are credited to you as Fiverr credit.

There is no way this can not be the case.

It might be the case that your seller sent a further message asking you to extend the deadline on you order, but you missed it. - Either this or something went wrong on their end. (Messages do go missing on Fiverr occasionally.)

Your order will have canceled automatically if it was still late by the 9th. This means that your seller did not get paid (and can’t get paid) anything. They may be ignoring you, as they might feel like they put in a lot of work for nothing and now don’t want to hear from you again.

Of course, there is a problem with communication here. However, your seller does stop responding at exactly the same time that your order would have been automatically canceled.

As a buyer, you will need to now click on the order page and see what it says there. - And check your shopping balance.


I checked the order page and it’s still active? The little message that says " The best things are worth the wait" is still there.

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And when does it say your due date is?

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@cyaxrex as I recall fiverr doesn’t cancel late orders, buyer can initiate cancellation if it’s late but it doesn’t happen automatically. It could’ve been cancelled only if seller sent time extension and OP didn’t approve it in 2 days

@steventurner393 what is your order showing on timer: is it 18 days late, very late or still some time left on the order clock? Edit: i see @cyaxrex already asked you that.


November 30th still.

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I suggest you cancel and get your money back. I don’t think he is going to suddenly appear with your project. I’m so sorry this happened to you.


The status of the order is listed as late on the order page. When i go back to our inbox and look at it from there it says 18 days late

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What you can do in this case if you don’t want to cancel your order is to contact fiver CS and specify that you don’t want order to be cancelled but just ask them to reach out to your seller and ask him to deliver work or send you an update


Okay I’ll try that. Thanks for the advice

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This is heartbreaking to read. The fact he won’t even respond to you means that you were strung along. There is no reason for him not to respond. Unless… he can’t finish the project.


I wish he would just tell me that he can’t finish then. Like I’m an adult I can take it. Sure I’ll be upset, but it just sucks when It looks like I’m being actively ignored. And to add insult to injury he even changed his profile picture after I messaged him asking for updates. So he was obviously around, but I guess he didn’t want to talk to me?

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But he is not an adult. He is a little kid mentally. He’s scared. He didn’t do all those things he talked about and now he thinks he can hide and you will give up and go away.


Well, that’s a change. All orders used to cancel automatically 3-days after being late. Buyers also have the option to cancel before then either after 1 or 2 days, without any communication with the seller.

Do you have an option to cancel it? If so, I would. I wouldn’t hold your breath for your delivery. 80% of outsourced software projects fail. - And that’s in the real world when communication is reasonable and you are paying a project manager to oversee development. If you now take delivery of something, the chances of you being happy with the final product are pretty slim.

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It’s disheartening you know? I understand there’s bad sellers and bad buyers on the platform . . . I get that, but I dunno if I’m just on a really bad string or something, but this is ridiculous. I don’t understand why I can’t get a response form him? Like did I offend him or something? I made sure to wait at least 3 days between each response as to not overwhelm them but still not so much as a courtesy message saying “Hey sorry i don’t have time to fully answer your questions . . soon though!” Like nothing!


Yea I suppose you’re right. Maybe I am being a little naive about this. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.

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I’m still betting that your seller thinks your order was cancelled in early December.

Fiverr can be buggy. I have an order that has been stuck in delivery status for 4-years. In either case, though, at this point, you really are just best cancelling.


I’m truly sorry for all the trouble you’ve gone through and I wish a good luck.


Honestly, whenever you feel like a project is going south, I am a firm believer in being straight up with a deadline for X to be done. It’s not something I have had to do but if there was an issue with an order I had (and the price was in the hundreds), I would be darn sure to tell the seller that they need to give an end date and stick to it.

If they can’t or don’t then stick to it, I would give an ultimatum and mention cancelling (which is something I advise against mentioning usually).

Stories like this have become too commonplace for me to give a neverending benefit of the doubt. In a situation where I am paying up front, if things go wrong and there’s no update or clear plan from the seller then cancellation is the way to go. Your time is valuable and those who don’t respect it properly shouldn’t be given unlimited chances.

PS. I know it is hard to be hard like that but sellers have to learn that they just can’t behave like this, regardless of how it might affect them or time they have spent on something. At the end of the day, they need to deliver and not just talk a good game.


It is sellers like this that lead to rule changes like review requests and banning for empty deliveries. These things are still so commonly cited as issued on the forum that it must have been rampant before the rules changed.
I have delivered late at times, on one occasion very late. It was with a client I knew and it was due to a variety of reasons. I apologized and made it up to them. They have been working with me monthly for almost two years and this happened around a year ago.
There isn’t an excuse for just ghosting.