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Seller not responding?


I asked for a programming gig, the seller said okay, and I processed the order.
It is a very important project which is supposed to be due today. But he is not responding at all? I sent him like 5 messages and no response. What should I do? I trusted his reviews and ratings. (had over 100 reviews, 4.8/5 stars, etc)


Click “Resolution Center” on the right and solicit a refund. This should lead him to decline it, and deliver his work.

Is he late? Has the clock run out? If so, you might be able to do a force cancellation.

Is this a seller you have hired before? Learn from this experience, never hire a stranger for a very important project, hire him or her for something not so important and see how they do.


Well it says I have to wait 24 hour to force a cancellation… he was a top seller for my subject. over 100 reviews, etc. idk if I can trust this website anymore


I am sorry you had this experience. It could be an emergency came up. Did your seller have a gold TRS sticker or banner on their profile? If not they are not a Top Rated Seller. Usually, TRS has many more than 100 reviews. Some may call themselves top rated but are not if they do not have the TRS Sticker or Banner.


If it is due today and he has never responded, you need to contact customer support and ask them for a refund. There is no excuse for his behavior.

And 4.8 stars overall rating is not very good and will get him demoted soon.


So he did respond and I gave him an extra day. But he gave me like 10% of the work I was expecting. I gave him a WEEK and he said it won’t be no problem to finish it.

So I requested a revision and he said “okay”, but now he is back to not responding.


what is the TRS sticker?


Oh there is no TRS in the subject I am looking for, “C++ data structure”


One time they mess up and you should be done with them. You need to cancel this and stop agreeing to give him more time.


I don’t know what to do now … I am hopeless


You already gave them extra time to finish up the work, so I’d say not to go back on your word and see how it turns out. If he does it again, cancel.


Top Rated Seller ,…


Ask for refund and cancle the order