Seller not responding


Hello all, I’ve been buying and selling on Fiverr for about 2 months now and never really had a bad experience untill now.

So I have ordered a proofreading gig for my ebook that is to be released on Amazon KDP. I sent a sample to the seller to get a price (this seller has done over 1000 and has 100% feed back), he messages me back with a really good price, we exchange a few more messages and then he tells me because me ebook is more than 2000 words I could order more. in total I’ve orderd 10 gigs worth of $50. Everything was going smoothly I was getting regular updates too. He then marked the gig as complete with no work sent with a message saying something along the lines of im just marking this as complete to avoid a fiverr late strike, as he said he needs a little more time with the ebook. So Im happy with this as I dont want the ebook to be rushed and wrong! 2 days later i pay the last $10 and he says can I have 36 hours to go through it twice and make sure its 100% all right. So i agree and he marks the gig as complete. This time I gave a review which was pretty good and recommended this seller but then time went by and i message 2 more times and get no reply, so i leave it a little longer as I know the seller is coming online because it says last online 40 minutes ago. I have remoned my review as of now but I cant understand why im getting nothing from him.

is there anyway to get my money back? as I feel he has stolen my work from me!


You can reject the work, within the order screen if you are not happy. Before you do that try to work with the seller ask how much time extra he needs maybe you can compromise :slight_smile:


Hi mate… Yeah I have contacted him 4 times now since the 11th and am getting nothing from him, No messages, no updates at all its like hes ignoring me it seems


okay thank you^ and also he has now removed the gig :confused:


Reply to @heaven086: yeah now might be a good time to contact customer support

oldbittygrandma said: where it reads online "40 minutes ago"...I have found that to be innaccurate.

Yep, it's very inaccurate in my opinion, and Fiverr told me a while ago that those numbers get updated only from time to time, that's why it's inaccurate :)

But I would strongly suggest Fiverr to make it update instantly, or at least more often, because it's an important metric for many sellers and buyers - I, for one, look at that number to see if a buyer keeps wandering around Fiverr without considering to respond to my messages, and if I see that this happens I quickly send him a message into his fiverr inbox - and guess what? most of the time they respond if I do that :)


Agree, that has been inaccurate in my opinion. They may have been “online” but not on the site.


If the gig is now gone, I would most definitely contact customer support and give them clear details of the issue so they can hopefully get it sorted out for you.

Good luck to you!