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Seller offers old/stolen design as original

I purchased a logo design from [Fragglerock] yesterday. A few hours later, they send me the result. Not only were my requirements not met (I needed a very, very large version, and I needed it to be a text-based logo, not just an image), but they actually sent me a design that isn’t even original - though they claimed, and I quote: "After hours spending on basic sketches and research I came up with this unique memorable iconic & bold logo design.To be honest this is one of the most impressive designs I have designed and it felt so good."

Attached are the proposed design, and screenshots of 2 websites that are already using it.

I expressed my displeasure (rather vigorously) and am waiting for a reply. I have about 2.5 days left before the order automatically completes. If they don’t get back to me with a more serious attempt, what do I do?

Also: 100% positive with 1038 votes? How is that even possible, considering the above?

Sheriff’s Note: If you want to upload an image to the forum the dimensions are 670 (width) x 315 (height) pixels.

designmytype said: My solution was to do only typography logos, as they take me much less time and as an expert in typography I instantly know what typeface and layout I should go with.

That's still no guarantee the buyer will get original or even 'legal' work - not all fonts are for commercial use. ;)

The best thing to do here would be to contact Customer Support, be sure to provide your username as well as the other user’s username, and these screenshots as evidence.

You can cancel the order and get your money refunded to your account and then hire an HONEST seller. Not only were you provided with a ‘ripped off’ logo, the seller gave you a load of lies too! Don’t expect a person like that to suddenly work professionally and come up with an original high-quality logo. The best you can hope for is that they’ll spend a few more minutes looking for a less obvious design to steal.

You can wait for delivery and then leave negative feedback explaining that the seller provided stolen work. But Fiverr likes to keep buyers happy and they may remove your legitimate negative feedback, so you wont likely prevent any future buyers from getting ripped off.

I strongly suggest canceling and working with a more reliable logo designer and just hope the new one comes through.

Best of luck to you, but please don’t waste your time or money giving a second chance to someone who blatantly proved their dishonesty and poor work-ethic.

I did a lot of research on Fiverr before starting my design gigs.

I do a lot of freelance logo design and nothing ever will start under $500. There’s just a lot of research, time and skill going into to it… so I was shocked at the amount of people offering logo designs for $5, how could they be any good?

Well, they aren’t, most of them anyway! What I found out was that a lot of the logo “designers” on Fiverr are blatantly stealing. I found a huge amount of stolen work, some sellers are even taking work from some of the top designers out there, and then you scroll through their Fiverr gallery and the work they have delivered simply doesn’t compare!

There’s a chance what happened to you might not be stolen work, it could be a stock vector for instance. $5, or $4, is just not enough for a designer to sit down, do their research, sketch a lot and go through the whole process. So some people might use stock art to get things done.

There are some honest designers here who might be trying to build their portfolio or just make a little extra money, and they deliver fair results for the price, and those results are often very simple, but they work.

My solution was to do only typography logos, as they take me much less time and as an expert in typography I instantly know what typeface and layout I should go with. So it’s still a bargain but everyone is happy in the end.

Suggestion to buyers looking for a logo:

  • Always look out for simple designs.
  • Look at the seller’s gallery and search for consistency between the examples. That’s how you know they are legitimate.
  • If something looks way too good for $5 there’s a chance it’s not original or unique.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Well I can’t speak for others, but I am only using typefaces with a commercial use license. :slight_smile:

Good to know. :slight_smile:

What research tools have I got as a buyer to at least do my own due diligence on the matter?

Reply to @svenster: When you see a seller who has impressive designs and a really quick turnaround (or anyone who seems suspicious), do a Google search and/or use these on some of their samples

ardicus said: -Android-
Google goggles

Search by Photo

-Windows Phone-
Bingle Goggles
And always check any images you receive before marking an order as complete (or letting it auto complete 3 days after delivery). Good luck!