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Seller on Fiverr scammed me, Does fiverr protect scammers?

Good morning everyone. So I am into SEO work and created a facebook page to promote my business. As many of you know you need 25 likes to create a vanity url for a facebook page so I figured I would buy a small handful of like to get that vanity URL…I was planning on starting to build citations on local business directories and didn’t feel like going back through all of them to change the facebook url. I have made so many similar purchases from great sellers without any issues. I stumbled upon a seller who is offering facebook likes from geotargeted areas, since my company is based in Los Angeles I figured I would use this sellers service for 290 likes from facebook users in Los Angeles CA. Not sure if many know, but when you have a local business only facebook likes from your city will be of value. Anything from other countries can actually hurt your account and make it not appear in the search results for your area. So I made messaged the seller and he assured me all likes would come from Los Angeles and that I would get no more than 300 which is perfect, any more would look fishy. So I make the purchase. 24 hours later the gig is marked as complete and I check my Facebook page…300 facebook likes from Los Angeles? Yeah, how about 0 facebook likes from Los Angeles. Instead the seller blasted my business page with 1000 likes from Bangladesh and Turkey, completely destroying my facebook business page. Even though I was filled with sheer rage I held my tongue and explained the issue to the seller and requested a refund. In response he blasts my facebook page with another 500 low quality facebook likes from Turkey, marks the job as complete again and closes my refund request stating that the job is finished… So I begin looking for a way to report the seller. Surely there must be a link on the sellers page or listing where one can report him for the horrible service and irreversible damage he caused to my account. Nope, nothing, no report link anywhere. I also noticed I have 2 options. I can mark the job as complete, lose my money and issue a negative feedback to warn other potential buyers from having their facebook page destroyed (I could only imagine how shattered I would feel if I had an established facebook page I put years of work in only for this seller to destroy it) or I can request a refund and no longer have the option to warn others. I then checked the sellers other listings, all of them are for facebook likes targeted to cities, he has no feedback on any of them. My guess is he is planning on just blasting his clients facebook accounts with those low quality likes and hopes some will be satisfied and those who are not request a refund instead of leaving him Negative feedback. Why is there no report button? By not having a report button, or option to leave a feedback and request a refund Fiverr is basically protecting these con artists. Any feedback on what course of action I should take would be most appreciated. Thank you all. Oh and for anyone who wants to steer clear of this seller, his seller name is usaconner

Buying (or exchange monies) for likes is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. You need to report the Gig and the Seller to Customer Service as the Seller is currently violation Fiverr’s third-parties Terms of Service.

You can submit a new ticket here:

Be sure to provide screen shots of the order and the Gig as well.

Fiverr Customer Support

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From what I can see so far on Fiverr, there are no real measures to protect buyers at all.

The system is designed to elicit money from buyers for second rate work. I have been far from impressed with the quality of work I have received, even from the top or recommended sellers.

Most of them are shams and this can be seen from their portfolios that show OTHER peoples work, not their own.

A fair and honest feedback system is the crux of sites like these and when that is not available then it makes the site very suspect.

This site is very high on my suspect list and I fully admit that I only use it out of dire necessity and not a part of my work tools.

My advice for your best course of action is to NOT use Fiverr for serious work that can affect your business.

Reply to @thepromogirl: Obviously…Facebook likes are also a massive chunk of the gigs offered on fiverr so the idea of them taking action against those types of sellers would hit their pocketbook way too hard. I already messaged support and am waiting to hear back…

Reply to @dexcode: I aggree 100% hence why I rarely use those types of gigs for anything related to my business. I would never use those on an established facebook account or similar, and was glad that I had just recently made that page so I can start over again from scratch. I just fear for those who dont know better and might buy that sellers service for a facebook page they spent years building. I guess that is what they should expect for using black hat tactics, but as I said, some people just dont know better.


1-Buyer questioned the seller about if an order can be done and showing the seller photos of job needed.
The seller agreed to job.

2-Buyer pays for the job. Within date the job the was due be completed the SELLER asks BUYER for more money, 35.00 to complete the work.

3-When the buyer refused to pay more money the seller requested that the buyer cancel the job.

Anoher fiverr UPSELL Scammer.

Report that seller to Customer Support.

Thanks for posting this here. I needed this tonight!