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Seller "On Vacation" after I requested to see the work after he asked for payment


So I was working with this seller named ******* and everything seemed to be going good, but when he told me it would be 2-3 days before he would be done and gave me a price I was like, “Great! Just send me a link to look at it”

Then he just changed his status to “On Vacation” and I can’t get in touch with him. I mean I spent several weeks working on a small project and then he just ghosts me… .

Has this happened to anyone else? Like this dude just wasted weeks of my time and I this project was time sensitive…

I can’t even find a way to leave the dude a review since the order was never completed. Seems like a shitty thing to do to someone…



What Fiverr calls “on vacation” does not mean that a seller is “on vacation.” It just means that he’s not taking new jobs.

Yeah, I know, weird. I actually asked support to change this about a year ago, because it’s confusing to customers.

If you read the line under where it says that he’s “on vacation”, you’ll see the following:

“I’m currently swamped with work and will be back in 12 days”

If you haven’t already, you should wait several hours before starting to worry - maybe even an entire day. Consider you are at different time zones, and if you contacted him just as he was going to bed, and he then had some urgent business when he woke up, that can easily be 12 or more hours.

Also, the fact that he said things would be done in 2-3 days doesn’t mean he will actually be working all those days. Maybe he’s taking the day off.

I could be wrong, of course, but it’s just a few things for you to consider before going out of your mind, from my experience as a seller. Hope you can get this issue sorted out.


You do realize you need to pay the guy first before anything magical happens. If you did not know that, now you know so back we go. You place the order, give all the information of what you want then wait for the results.


@liquid_shane_o Please revise your post and take out the seller’s screen name.

Calling out users in the forum is not allowed.

Now as to your problem: did you place an order or not?


@liquid_shane_o As @frank_d said, first remove the seller name before your post get flagged.
Second, did you placed your order and if yes, when is the delivery expected?

And he is on vacation for 12 days. So all you can do now is to wait.


I already flagged his post.

But I think if he did place an order, vacation mode or not, seller has to deliver.

So I don’t think he actually placed an order. He was just about to make a decision at the time.


Does the notification button for when someone returns back from vacation actually work now? I remember reading somewhere a while back that it did not work.


That’s what I think. I mean if he has placed the order, then he has the chance to either cancel and ask for refund or give a negative review. What if an emergency has happened to the seller?


I think it dont work when the gigs are paused.


He never placed an order,.


Yes phantom from his post i realized that he want to leave review on free sort of work :wink:


I am wondering how you spent weeks getting to a point where you didn’t even place an order on a time-sensitive project? Or perhaps I misunderstood.

Regardless, the seller doesn’t owe you anything as all you’ve done is wasted several weeks of his time too and he’s got nothing out of it. During that time, he’s talking to other clients, delivering other orders, making money. Now he’s busy and has a duty to the clients who are paying for his time. He’ll probably come back to you when he has time but as he doesn’t know for sure that you are ever going to actually order anything, you’re quite rightly not his priority.