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Seller on Vacation

Hi, I am new here and couldn’t find any useful information on the vacation mode. My Seller (who produced a great gig) is on vacation - at least that’s what I see, when I check the profile, but not when I just check my inbox. However, I cannot see when he will return, which leaves me a bit clueless when I will be able to get some edits done… Any ideas how to see for how long the vacation mode has been activated? Or do I just have to wait and see and hope for the best? Thanks:)

Hi, thanks for the comment! At least that limits the problem to max 60 days:) Problem is, I need one edit to existing work to be able to use it. Tried to message the seller, but so far without luck…so let’s hope that it’s not a 60 days holiday :frowning:

Probably it would help if Fiverr had some function to indicate when Sellers are back, like when you send automated out-of-office replies that usually tell the receiver of the message when you’re expected to return.


Sellers can activate vacation mode for up to 60 days, but it’s relatively unlikely that your seller will be gone for that long. I would try sending him a message asking about when he’ll be back. Sellers can still read and send messages, complete orders that have already been placed, and even create new orders through custom offers while on vacation mode. If he’s around a computer, he might be able to get back to you with an ETA on when he’ll be available again. If he’s truly on vacation though, he might not respond to your message soon. In that case, you may need to weigh how soon you need your order against how much you like the work of this seller. If you’re committed to working with this seller, you can be placed on a waiting list to submit your order with him as soon as he reactivates his gig. Good luck!