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Seller on vacation

I know that sellers can go into vacation mode and when they do there is a entry for how long. How can I find out when a seller that I’d like to use is scheduled to be back?

There is no way to contact a seller if he is in Vacation mode. If he contacts you Somehow then you will be able to reply him. Maximum time for a Vacation mode for a Seller on Fiverr is 2 Months. Hope it Helps.

When they go on vacation they enter duration. Can I get to that data so I know intended return date?

Maybe Customer Support Can help you. Submit your ticket and see if they can tell you. Other wise i don’t think so if there is a way to find that.

Just like you stated there is an indication on how long they will be away.

(Example: “I’m enjoying a vacation and will be back soon.
I’m away for a little while will be back in 10 days.
Click the button above to be notified when I return.” )

There is a “notify me” button you can click which will inform you when the seller is back. But you can also use the estimated number of days stated so you can check back on the seller.

So example, today is April 6, and you see ten days, just check back by April 16 or simply utilize the notify me button and you will be informed when the seller is back, the seller will also be informed that there is buyer interested in working with him.

Thank you for the Update. I didn’t know about that. :slight_smile:

Me to…@@@@@

If they return, they will feature gigs revived. Bookmark PROFILS them. You’ll know if they return

Sotasailor yes seller have option mention the date when is back mostly seller used on Christmas mostly seller show vocation mode and mention duration of vocation come back after 2 jan new year

The “notify me” button will help you with that.

Wow! I was not aware of that :open_mouth:
Guys! You are amazing

You can always just send them a message:

Obviously, amend “username” with their Fiverr username.