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Seller open dispute on me

Is it normal to get TOS after order is marked as complete by Buyer and not by automatic system marked as completed?

Buyer sent me material, i did my work. Uploaded the material, then delivered her the product, she marked by herself completed. And then after few days she comes back, tell me its not the video what she sent me, and then open dispute on my. Afterwards my order is canceled, money taken away and i recieve a TOS?

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Normal. Contact customer support and explain the situation with proof you did what she asked. See if that helps.


I did, but no answer still.

Don’t worry they will come back to you. But make sure you have all the proof.

Proof, the proof is delivered material.


yes, it is :slight_smile:

From my experience, you are screwed. I am sorry my friend. I just had one order and the buyer refuse to close the project. Wasted two weeks effort and got no pay at all.

Customer service told me , i have to deliver what was written in my gig,.

I delivered the video, she marked the order by her self MARK ORDER COMPLETE , She put she is satisfied with delivery.

Customer service told me they cant do nothing about it to remove TOS.

They lost me, i was earning more then 1,2 thousand every month. And they get half of it from my work. They lost me, i am taking out my money and deactivate my account.

Did you by chance accidentally send her a video intended for someone else? :thinking:

I have done that before with a document I have proofread.

Nope, i didnt do that.
She marked order complete by herself, so it means she watched video and then clicked done

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Maybe she was in a hurry, marked it as complete and then noticed her error. Did you look at what you delivered to make sure it was what you thought you delivered?

Yes, I told you before.

I have completed more then 200 orders in 8 month. I know for who i am sending material.

I have done over 700 orders and I still make an error once in awhile. I was only trying to understand what could have happened that the buyer would say she got the wrong video.

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Not necessarily. She could have seen your video gig, and marked it as complete, thinking, “I’ll look at it in more detail later”. Then, when she finally did look at the work, perhaps it was then that she saw whatever issue it was that is at the crux of all this.

Buyers don’t always operate the way we sellers think they do. Everyone is different, and everyone approaches a situation from a different angle.

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well that’s kinda the buyer’s fault …

Well, yes, but that could explain why the buyer didn’t notice any issues until after he/she marked the order as complete. I can’t comment to the nature of any issues he/she might have noticed in the delivery – however, it must have been of enough importance to CS to cancel the order and issue a warning about it.

Here on the forum, we usually always hear just one side of the story. There is, however, almost always more to any story than we are told. I don’t know what the other side of this story is, but I do know that Fiverr doesn’t cancel orders, and issue warnings like this without a notable reason.