Seller open dispute


If seller open dispute to my order, how about my money ? Can my money back ?


I don’t see how a seller can open a dispute. If a buyer opens a dispute it mostly means they want their money back, if a reversion request is initiated it means they want your to change something in the final product you submitted.


You will get your money in your Fiverr account that you can use on your next purchase.

@phantompower, “Resolution Centre”…


Now I see. This only happens when a seller wants time extension or maybe to cancel the order. Is it also considered as a dispute when the seller can’t complete the work and wants to cancel?


Yes, it is considered…


It’s considered a dispute regardless of what the reason for cancellation is. It shows a big red sign saying DISPUTE. You can cancel for any reason, I mostly end up cancelling if buyers do not submit their ‘gig requirement’ data.


I have many reasons to cancel. If a buyer delays on communications, if a buyer fails to provide requirements and many more.


Please am so confused. My seller opened a dispute to cancel without me doing anything wrong. He was supposed to deliver my work on Sunday but He told me to request a modification which I did because he would need more days to deliver my work. I was okay with it and I did so but this morning I realised he had opened a dispute and He stated his reasons was because he received a warning from terms of service. I didn’t contact them and if truly he needed 2- 3 more days to finish my work like He said I am happy to wait because I have waited for 2 weeks before. So I declined. And appealed to him to please finish up on my work. Please what do you think could happen? If he insist on cancelling entirely should I just leave it there?


I’m a little confused, but I think that you are a buyer… you ordered something… your seller requested to cancel; the order, but you were happy to wait - however you decline his request for more time?


yes you receive your money back