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Seller plagarized

This seller called ******** had amazing reviews about forum postings. They are a fraud, every snippet I googled of the posts would show up word for word on competitors forums. They were going to competitors forums and copying/pasting. I figured out what was going on and made them stop all new forum posts. They were then very reluctant to tell me which fiverr seller they were and are now trying to convince me to just get a refund/dispute. They do not want a bad review so they just offer refund, I want to give them a really bad review though and they are not marking the gig as complete. What do I do? Fraudsters should not be welcomed on Fiverr and certainly not have 20 5 star reviews.

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According to the forum’s guidelines, it is not allowed to name any buyer or seller on the forum. Could you please edit out the name of the seller from your post, please? Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have edited out their usename. They are a fraud.

This makes zero sense. How could you order from someone and not know who they are?


Thanks for removing their username.

I think it would be a good idea to leave a review than to get a refund. In the future, it would help all the other buyers out there make a more informed decision.

Besides, I don’t think sellers have the ability to mark an order as complete. If the buyer doesn’t mark an order as complete, it just automatically gets marked as complete 3 days after the delivery of the order.

I ordered over 10+ people to do the same thing and I did not know all their usernames/accounts they were using.

You had just mentioned the name of one particular seller in your OP. :thinking: So you already know the username of the Fiverr seller responsible for the copy-pasta? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

Sorry but in this case, you need to take responsibility for ordering irresponsibly. If you have ordered several forum posts from several different users and don’t know who is posting what, are you expecting to have every order refunded and/or would like to leave every seller a negative review?

Also, how do you know that replicated posts are even the result of a seller and not a third party forum user?

All you can do is learn from this and move on.


I need to take responsibility for someones plagiarism?

You misunderstood. There is no need to leave every seller a negative review. If you read the first reply, you will see already figured out who did it. Many of them did great, sent usernames, wrote original content etc.

Please read and post responsibly sir.

Is plagiarism allowed?

Did their gig description use words like unique, original etc. or did they just say they’d post on forums for you without giving any more detail of what they’d actually post?

Were you asked what you’d like to be posted on your behalf, or did you tell them what you’d like to be posted?

I’m not suggesting plagiarism should be condoned BTW - I’m just wondering what was offered in the wording of the gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

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From the sellers description:

Each forum post or thread will contain all original material of my own thoughts. I never copy and paste from other websites. As a professional writer of ten plus years, I take pride in my work and always strive to provide my highest quality writing work whether publishing a Hubpage, blog post or forum post.

Fair enough - thank you!

One thought - the ‘copied’ posts you found could have been copies of the posts that were made on your behalf?

Or the seller could just be telling fibs on their gig and you should give them a negative review/get your money back.

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Timestamps show the post on the competitors forums were older.

Thanks, appreciate the advice. Will do!

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Understanding what you need and who to offer the job , is part of the working experience that you need to have.

What happended is that, they predicted that they were able to do the job, but actually they are not.

Please don’t look for cheap service, the sellers who are not experienced always think they can do it, while they don’t understand how the the job is.

Even though I feel sorry for you. Both parties are blammable

How please?

The seller stated in their gig description that they would post original content on the buyer’s forum. They didn’t do that - they copied and pasted from elsewhere.

How can it be the buyer’s fault for believing what the seller said in their gig info and reviews etc.?

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Not this one, I have checked some of my buyers. It’s like price is normally $100, I asked $80
after consideration, they want the service for $10 and are ready to give at $15.

A seller with no experience and some people from particular countries with no idea of freelancing, they outsource their projects. That is what I wanted to mean.

Buyer wants the service for $30, when the content costs $29, guess now.

If you want high quality , then please pay high price for that

I’m not the buyer - I’m simply commenting on what the OP posted.

It doesn’t matter if the service being offered in the gig is $5 or $5000 - the seller should complete whatever is promised in the gig description.

How can you blame a buyer for the seller not doing what they said they would? Are buyers supposed to be able to sniff out sellers who are telling lies using some psychic power or other?

I’m all for buyers taking responsibility - caveat emptor etc., but they can’t be blamed for reading a gig description, believing it and then being upset when their purchase goes badly.

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I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I’m glad you want to leave them a review. I’m not sure why you’re encountering difficulties with that, unless they haven’t officially delivered the work yet.

Either way, I would report them to customer service. Selling plagiarized work is illegal and a violation of Fiverr’s terms of service. Hopefully they will look into it and ban this user if they are plagiarizing.

How much are your paying them and what exactly are you asking them to do.