[Seller - Post A Request] Issue


I am the Seller. Can I make a Request for my Service?
I have tried 2-3 times Post a Request.But not approved. Don’t Know why?
But I can see many people are selling there services.Please Help me.



You are a seller.

You can create gig and send reply to buyer request.

Why you want to “Post a Request”

You are allowed to post a request,when you are a buyer and you need worker to done some job of your.

As a seller, ‘Post a request’ to advertise your service is not ethical. You use it only if you need any service done by other worker.

Fiverr will not approve this.

Let me know is it helpful for you?


Thanks for reply.
But I can see some sellers they are saying they can do graphic designs and people are sending offers. Then what is this? I am very confused :joy:



That will be noticed by fiverr.


Buyer’s request is not for promote your gig. In buyer request section “buyer” post their job because of finding someone suitable for his/her job. And seller only can send offer to the buyer. Thanks…. :slightly_smiling_face:


They are breaking the rules, and if they keep breaking them, they could get banned from Fiverr.


Yes,I will not try it again,otherwise Fiverr will bann me :P.


Thanks your reply help me alot.it means only the buyer have to "post a request"only for their work to be done by someone like us.


I am posting request for acquire service from seller but fiver reject my request every time. Please help me with this issue.