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Seller post job offer in buyer request section to harassed good quality sellers

Hi, I saw there are many sellers in Fiverr post job offer in Buyer request section to Harassed many good quality sellers by fake order, false negative feedback to make lose their reputation on Fiverr. Also, they delete their gig or hide it to show themselves as buyer and post job offer in buyer request section and give fake order to good quality sellers and give them false negative feedback after completing the order. They didn’t follow Fiverr’s Terms of Services. So, from me and good quality sellers, we need Fiverr’s help to take a hard step and stop those fake buyers (seller show themselves as buyer) to post fake job offers in buyer request section and only make job offers (buyer request section) for real buyers only not for any sellers. Thanks.

Sellers are allowed to buy gigs from other sellers and to put posts in buyer requests, so long as they’re not doing it to advertise their services.

If you’ve got proof of this, please contact CS.

As I said, it’s possible to be both. :wink:

Added - if there’s anything more you can tell us, somebody might be able to help you? :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you had something happen to make you write this post?