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Seller Posting Fake Buyer Request

Recently, a seller in the logo designing category posted a fake buyer request to draw traffic on his gig. I have taken the screenshot of his fake request. Now should I report this guy?


I am curious! :thinking:
How can a buyer request drive traffic to the gig?

There are some spam in Buyer request.

They post fake buyer request to increase the click on their profile.

They break the TOS in Fiverr.

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The buyer attaches a link to his gig in his request saying I need this work done but before that go to this link to get the understanding of the project. This is what I’ve seen from a couple of sellers.

However, earlier I have seen a few buyer requests posted without url.

They must’ve been authentic requests. I mean, a few sellers do buy services from other sellers too. Right? But the one I’ve seen was just to view his gig. Nothing else.

This is a wrong way:)