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Seller profile, where is it?

I don’t see where to edit that…or where I can link up my portfolio.

In order to edit your seller profile, go to your profile.
Right below your profile picture, you will see a pen icon, click on it to edit your tag line.
Below that, you can edit the description about you as a seller. Finally, the porfolio option is available only for a few niches… if you are one of them, you will find an option, on left side of the screen, to add your portfolio.
Hope it helps…

It did thanks. Would explain why I couldn’t see any area. Strange there isn’t a way for a packaging portfolio. I was wondering if fiverr can show a link to my Facebook page, buyers could go to it and see my work and info. Wouldn’t fiverr not like that? They could call me direct then. I don’t get it?

Fiverr would not allow you to share your fb page. There are some other solutions to show link of your porfolio.
1.Create your website that shows all your work and add its link in your gig description.
2. Create a dropbox link of your porfolio and add it to your gig.
3. Use your porfolio, in the primary images of your gig.