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Seller Promoted Ad


I’m a seller. I needed to buy a voiceover. I saw a promoted ad right at the top of my search. Had what I needed. Purchased it. Buying made easy. It’s seductive as a seller and I want to have the opportunity to promote as a seller.


Really? No, seriously, why?

Perhaps I’m seeing it through different eyes as a buyer only.

I’ve been staying away from all the “AD” gigs.


I wanted a voiceover. I knew I did not want to search through all the gigs out there to find one, especially because they usually charge $5 for 10 words. This particular guy played it smart. He had 47 reviews - all five star - he offered 200 words for $5. That was what I needed. And he had a video I could watch to hear his voice right in the Ad. Bam…easy to buy. Maybe this is a case of the seller just hitting all the right notes or offering the best bang for the buck. I do not know what percentage will go back to Fiverr for that $5 purchase.

As a seller, if I can get a gig featured at the top of a catgorey, and someone likes it enough to buy it, it is worth it.

Why are you avoiding them?


Because when I looked at some gig (1st launched), I saw several with just a few reviews and it was less than 4 stars.

That did not give a warm and fuzzy feeling. I scooted down to 3rd or 4th row to buy.


That makes complete sense. That sort of tells me as an experienced seller, I could do well with a promoted ad. I do not see having that option because of my success despite the fact a couple Gigs are not as frequently purchased.