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Seller protection on Fiverr

Hi folks!

I’m new on Fiverr. How do I face if a buyer post a -ve feedback for me even for the work I don’t do.

One of the buyer asked me to do some additional task on the Gig which wasn’t created for the task she’s asking. I asked her send me some doc or brief. She told me that she’s will send that tomorrow…I was waiting and she didn’t respond to my question.

Now today she’s posted a -ve review on me. “seller unable to deliver the work under right time” … this comment is for the Gig I’m serving people with great 5 star feedback and she ruined everything. How the seller protection work on fiverr.

She cancelled the order and left a -ve feedback to me :frowning:

Thank you all in advance


That sounds really frustrating. So if I’m understanding correctly, you completed one order for her, then she placed another order and asked you to do something else. After she didn’t get back to you, she cancelled the new order, and then she left a negative review on the first order?

I would try getting in touch with customer support and include some screenshots of your conversations. If you can show that she left a review about the order that she cancelled rather than the order you completed for her, CS might remove the review for you. Buyers aren’t supposed to be able to leave reviews for cancelled orders, so what she’s done is really unfair.

You don’t ever want to let an order run late for any reason. The buyer may bot even realize you got bad feedback because you are describing automatic feedback that is posted by the system when you don’t deliver on time. It sounds like you and the buyer were having trouble communicating so you waited to deliver. The buyer was probably notified by Fiverr that the order was late and buyer was offered the chance to cancel. They did cancel so Fiverr tacked 1 star feedback on saying that the seller failed to deliver on time.

Hi @mhwoolz,

Perfect! you are right. I have created many newsletters for her and she’s so happy. Again she posted an order without sending me a message first that the job she’s going to send not related to that particular Gig.

I even I asked her for sending ppt and she didn’t respond after that message…it’s been 3 days and she shot a -ve feedback on me with no reason.

Attached is the screenshot.

Thank you so much


Reply to @mhwoolz: Fiverr did the justice and the feedback was removed :slight_smile: Thanks to you and Fiverr Team :slight_smile: