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Seller Protection


I am not sure if this has been mentioned before but I think for leveled sellers there should be more protection. I create instructional videos for people’s websites but 1% of the time the seller rejects the order asking for something different. I usually don’t make a fuss and edit it the video for a bit but the buyer has probably already downloaded the first video and could use it without paying for it if they just rejected the gig all together. Instead videos should have a preview system, if a client likes the video in the web based viewer they can accept the gig and then download the file. That way they can’t take our work and just reject the gig.


I agree completely. Sellers need more protection, specially from crazy, demanding buyers. Some people you cant make happy no matter what, and Fiverr can override your decision and give the buyer a refund. That is just wrong. You did the work, you filled the order, YOU should have final say on whether to refund or not.


As video gigs provider myself, I agree with this 110%. Excellent idea =D>


In a perfect world this would be great. As a seller, of course I’d want some kind of protection. But, it’s probably not going to happen.

Like every other cash site. Fiverr, E-Bay, whatever, the buyer has the most rights. Because without the buyer there is no site.

So, by siding with the buyers the site secures itself. Does that make sense? If the sellers held the upper hand what buyer would want to shop on Fiverr? I wouldn’t, knowing that if I didn’t like something… too bad.


There was a discussion about this on the linkedin group. I’m not going to copy and past the whole thing here, but I had a buyer cancel a gig six weeks after it was completed and after he had left a thumbs up on it. With videos the buyer can cancel the gig and get the videos and the same goes for most type of graphic and other types of work. One solution, but time consuming, is to give the buyer a watermarked gig for approval and when they say they are happy, send them the completed order without a watermark. There is an easy way to do this but I am not sure if Fiverr are too happy with it and that is to simply put your watermarked previews into dropbox and let your buyer see them before you send over the finished gig.


Reply to @markp: That is a really good idea, with my video editing software I can easily add a watermark, will do this in future. Not sure why this didn’t even occur to me. It’s also great to see that other sellers agree. I think what I recommended will benefit buyers as well, they get a preview of work and the seller gets protection :slight_smile:


Reply to @bigbadbilly: I agree with you, but it’s a two way street. Without sellers, there is no site either. I got really frustrated after that incident and left Fiverr for 6 months. I came back to give it another try after I kept getting emails from Fiverr telling me about all the upgrades they had made. Now I can sell higher quality stuff at a higher price and hope that people are happier. Unfortunately before people wanted $1000 worth of service for only $5. Not realistic.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: like you said in a perfect world this would happen but alas the world is not perfect