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Seller Raises Prices After Purchase

I purchased a gig and submitted the requirements and thought everything was all set. Then to my surprise the seller sent me a message saying:

"Thanks for making an order with us :slight_smile: Just to let you know this gig costs 25$ Sir :slight_smile: We’ve mentioned it on the top of the gig description. If you’re looking forward to work with us please update on the order :)"

I responded asking why they would charge buyers up front a lower price and then demand more money after the gig had begun… Does not seem right to me…

Here is the link to the gig… (removed)

Sheriff’s note: calling out isn’t allowed on the forum, therefore names have been removed from this post

Well, technically you are not supposed to share a sellers name in the forum here, but since you did I looked at the gig and it does say at the top of the gig description:

And then their gig only talks about their advanced package. However, they are supposed to offer something for $5, so I would request a refund and contact Customer Support to let them know. But in the future please make sure to read the full gig description before ordering.

They added that line after I purchased. Plus as you said, they should be offering something for $5. They are telling me that they don’t have a service for $5. Also I opened a support ticket with Fiverr three days ago and have received ZERO response from Fiverr…

Did they refuse to give your money back? I think they wouldn’t refuse it. If you can get your money and go somewhere else why spend time and effort just to punish someone who did no harm to you… Would be good to be kind now and then

If this is a SEO gig, they may of done you a favor by not doing it. It seems I read daily how someone buys a SEO/Twitter/Facebook Likes, etc gig and then google bans their site.

I’ve had a similar experience, although I purchased a gig with extras totaling $40. The next day I received a message from the Seller stating the cost for the gig is $80 and that Fiverr had it wrong. I told the seller I wasn’t prepared to pay double and simply cancel the extras and only do the basic $5 gig. The seller then told me they would do the original order for the amount I paid. The next day the seller marked the gig as complete, but that they needed a bit more time to complete it. 3 days later, nothing and no response. I contacted Fiverr Support and found them to be totally responsive. They read through all the messages and refunded my money. Sadly, since that time I have run into yet another seller that marked a gig as complete then stated they needed more time to finish. This time when I contacted support, there was an immediate refund. I’ve decided, for myself, that I will no longer consider gigs from Sellers from certain Countries.

Yes I have had several gigs mark complete and then ask for more time to finish the gig… Very unprofessional…

This was Fiverr support’s response (it took FIVERR A WEEK) to get to me…

“Sorry for the delay, we’re experiencing a high volume of support requests on our end and we do apologize if this response comes too late or if your issue was already resolved without us.
Your order was cancelled and the funds were added to your shopping balance. We will review the seller with our Trust & Safety team. On your next purchase, please check your Seller’s reviews and star ratings. Our new advanced rating system allows buyers more options to review a service before its purchased to ensure the quality you receive, the better the star rating - the better the outcome you may receive.
Please also note for your next purchases that there is a grace period of 13 days after an order has been marked Completed during which we can cancel the order for you. After that time, the seller is able to withdraw his earnings from the order, and we may no longer be able to cancel it.”

So basically these people can keep trying to scam people, and people like me don’t get to leave a review warning consumers…

ROFL, you don’t look like a sir to me.