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Seller Ranking Level

I received an email from Fiverr this morning telling me I have lost my Level 2 Seller rankingf. Why? Simply because I have fallen below the response rate of 84% - every other qualification is at 100% so I checked to see what I had done wrong as I am pretty prompt at responding and wasn’t aware that I missed anyone. Looking through the ones I didn’t respond to EVERY One was a fiverr dealer trying to sell me their services - their marketing. I don’t mind people offering their services but if I am not interested then why should I be punished for ignoring them.

It would certainly help if unresponded contacts were in a darker colour that made them blatant but no we get a wishywashy grey.

I have earned over $12000 earned on Fiverr which gives Fiverr $2400 - Well Fiverr you have blotted your copy book as far as I am concerned.