Seller ratings confused


I’ve been on 89% rating and I’ve completed two gigs that received 5 stars. And my rating still has not gone up but decreased to 88%?! I’m confused as to why. I also want to know how many more gig reviews I must get to increase my rating to above 90?

Thanks in advance.


Have you recently had any feedback that was removed or modified?

Remember that the seller rating percentage is based off of an average of all of your accumulated reviews, so depending on how many you have and what they are, your percentage will reflect that.

Ultimately, just continuing to receive 5 star reviews should push this up.


No, I haven’t had any feedback removed or modified…
It’s weird



Your rating delivery is calculate based on 30 day average deliveries you did so now just continue with delivery on time and rating will raise up. It has dropped because you didn’t delivery order on time.

Feedback from client doesn’t influence on delivery rating.

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You have 3 negative reviews with less than 2 stars. so thats why its low and it wont get high with one or two 5 stars. You have to have more plenty 5 star reviews, only then it will go high. i had one 4 star review and after having more than 20 5 star reviews, the average was again risen to 5 star. So for this you need bunch of 5 star reviews.