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Seller Reated Negative Feedback?

I have 4 days ago Delievered my order to buyer and he oved my work and appreciated it, but after delievering he post negative feedback and low rating .I asked him mutiples times but he isn’t responding.I asked custommer support center but they refused to remove that negative feedback.

Now I am tired without orders as my ratings have gone down and I am thinking of deleting of my account, but before that I want to know from you experts , is there any way I could solve this and remove that negative review .


Don’t give up just yet. It’s just been 1 month. These type of people are common here.

Just wait for some time.

Use the “Buyer requests” section to respond to buyers’ requests.

And of course, use proper tags, titles for the gigs to show up on search results.

Check “tips for sellers” section here on forum.

I have been doing all this but no success you can see my profile.

Reply to @mbukhshkorai: Relax. Fiverr isn’t some magical place where you can say “I’m going to sell something” and then make thousands of dollars. It’s a business and you have to work hard to make it pay off. There are no guarantees here (or in any workplace). Do what kay2809 says and be patient. If you close your account, you will definitely never make any money here. :slight_smile:

One negative review doesn’t matter at all, just focus on making more sales to make up for it. And make sure all of your logos are 100% your own original work!

Thanks for advice.