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Seller refunds buyer's money

Can anybody tell me, after the order is marked as complete, how do a seller refunds buyer’s money.

Only through cancellation (the buyer asking CS to cancel the order).

Why would you want to do that?

The buyer first liked the work, now he is saying that he ants to cancel, after two days!
I just want to avoid cancellation, its not about money, i just don’t want my rate to drop.

There’s no way to refund a buyer without cancelling the order. And it isn’t the seller who gets to cancel or refund, but CS once the buyer requests them to do it.

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there are a couple of ways, unfortunately, but in short you might want to contact customer support. what happened, out of interest?

  1. chargeback, for instance the buyer cancels a payment through the bank. fiverr don’t like this sort of thing at all, so contact CS and they should see you through
  2. the buyer contacted CS regarding the order. this is more likely if you promise full refund if not 100% satisfied, or if you offer unlimited revisions, or if you fall fowl of the minefield that is fiverrs TOS, although to me it looks like your gigs are pretty cool

once the order is marked complete though i don’t think the buyer can request cancellation from you

‘Listing placement could change’ What does it mean. while cancelling the order, one point was of reduction of order completion rate, the second point was this. Which I am unable to understand.
Does it affects that particular gig, or all my gigs?

But I have this option in resolution center “ask buyer to cancel the order”

You can only use it while the order is in progress, not once it has been marked completed.

The buyer not liking the work isn’t grounds for a cancellation. I believe it’s easier to recover from a negative review (and you get to explain your side of the story) than a drop in your ratings.

Or, if you offer revisions, see if there’s something you can do to make the buyer happy with your order.

A buyer changing their mind is not a valid reason for a cancellation. If anything, that is abuse / scam territory.

Have you read the excellent bullet-point summary for ‘Disputes and Cancellations’ in Fiverr’s terms of service? It is very clear and helpful.

While it is unusual, customer support can cancel orders without it affecting your stats. However be prepared for the fact that under normal circumstances (meaning most of the time), a cancellation (no matter the reason) will affect your stats.

Do bear in mind that you can publicly respond to a poor review to give your side of the story. You could say “Buyer seemed happy, marked the order as complete, then two days later requested a cancellation without explanation.”

The problem is that no one on these forums really knows how a cancellation / vs poor feedback affects your profile / standing in searches. It is all anecdotal. Only Fiverr know the truth.

Personally I would rather take a chance on fighting the cancellation.