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Seller refuses to acept 2 basic gigs

I ordered 2x basic gigs for a logo design you know the dropdown that says “basic gig quantity” when ordering.

I ordered 2 but the seller says they dont work like that in fact here is there response to my query…


when ordering there is a drop down that says "Basic Gig Quantity" and I selected 2, this is reflected in the file attached, there are two separate gigs.

They are 2 separate logos that I require

Sorry for any confusion

So I need a refund for one of them?


Yes! When the first logo will complete in the given time interval then you can order for another basic gig for second logo. Sorry about this but we also have other projects and we need to manage our time.


So what do I do about this?

That doesn’t make sense. If a different person asked for a gig the same day as you, they wouldn’t go to that person and say “cancel this for now, I have another order.”

Something is very fishy here.
I can tell you as a seller, we know there is always the possibility of getting overloaded with orders. But when we signed up for Fiverr, we agreed to its Terms of Service. That means you follow the rules and deliver what’s ordered.

You ordered 2 gigs in good faith, using the Fiverr system.
Yes, it DOES work like that. It works exactly like that.

I’d seriously find another seller.

Adjust your delivery times and while doing so add a bit of more time than you would normally need. This Way you have some playroom if something unexpected happens.

Post i replied too was deleted (can’t edit or delete the reply).

I would cancel both gigs and go find another seller who know how to manage their time.

That being said, if you are needing two completely different projects done I would always ask the seller first, as they might want it in separate orders for other reasons.

but when this happens, it’s really just a seller that is not organized and doesn’t know they should consider adjusting their time on their gig.

Maybe seller just wants to separated orders to help him/her in achieving a new level. You all know that is important at the beginning.

Personally these things happen when buyers refuse to message a seller before hand.
You cannot assume all sellers operate the same way. Message them before hand and find out firstly if they can handle what you are asking. Simple as that. Don’t go around assuming that because it is supposedly a simple request to you, that it can be done simply by them.
Everyone is different. It doesn’t hurt to message a seller first. If they don’t reply within a certain time frame, then hop along and find another worthy seller.

You said you’re a seller. Are you a seller that does logos? Do you understand the time that goes into one logo? More so two at a menial fee? More so do we even know what this buyer expected for not only one but two logos? So NO it does NOT work like that for everyone. It is better to simply ask a question and find out certain things rather than being hasty and jumping on the ordering horse, to then get upset by something that could have been avoided.


also, another way to avoid this is to account for such when setting up the gig, just in case someone orders many at the same time

The buyer is telling you that because us sellers have a deadline for our work, and get penalized if we’re late. If the deadline for the gig you ordered is, for example, 2 days, and you order 2 basic gigs at the same time, the seller has to make those two logos in 2 days.
If the buyer, however, makes one order and then another, the seller has 2 days for each.
(Having a suspicious mind, it also could mean that the seller wants you to make 2 orders to get 2 reviews instead of just one).

If you’re ok with what the seller says, then you cannot make a partial cancelation. You have to cancel the whole order, and order again but just one gig, and then another. To do this, you could simply request a mutual cancellation, clicking “I ordered by mistake” on the “Resolution Center”. When the seller accepts your cancellation you’ll be refunded, and you can order again.

seems silly really, I ordered with someone else one after the other, so what happens if I order one and someone else orders one in say like 2 sec’s after mine, the same time scale still applies does that mean you only accept one of the orders?

if he talked to me I would have said do the second one when you have time no rush for that one lol, we could have worked something out but he wanted me to add $40 to the order. to do them both, I just thought more business for him and I keep the design in the same place also I have more logos I need creating for other companies I own so business lost there I suppose.

Could go either way – I do Graphic Design and if you wanted two logos done and I had only a 1 day delivery time, I’d be really pressed to get it done. Or they could just want 2 reviews and multiple gigs completed.

What happens if you order 1 gig, and then go back in and order a second gig right after that? It’s the exact same thing as ordering 2x gigs. Are they only allowing 1 gig per person? Sems dumb…

Then again, I also wouldn’t turn down a client and straight up cancel their order without talking to them first.

liamgibbins said: so what happens if I order one and someone else orders one
You're right on that. That's why I added the clarification about getting two reviews ;) If the seller is now asking you to pay $40 to do your two logos, I would cancel, and not to order again but to find a different seller!!

well ordered with someone else and they where good to talk to so I upgraded the gig’s, well at least its sorted out now, think I will recommend him to the forum communities I am in… :slight_smile:

That is the sellers problem with how the Fiverr system works and how they manage their time. If the seller cannot handle many incoming orders they should consider extending the number of days of delivery it says on their gig.

I mean what happens if this seller gets 10 people who buy 1 gig tonight, then what do they do? It doesn’t make sense that they are telling you they cannot do it, unless they have no time for either order.

I’d ask for a refund and go find another seller. Maybe email them first and say you have 2 logos you need done are they available to do that?

I include in my gig description not to order multiples of the base gig (as well as to contact me to ensure I can take on new orders). If a seller tells you that you have to order one at a time, you order one at a time, period. If a seller has a gig where something is being created, that takes time to do and you should respect that. Those of us who request that buyers not order multiples do that so that we can manage when multiple buyers want to order gigs at the same time.

I prefer buyers placing a separate order for each delivery too but my reasons are different than the ones discussed here - for example, I had one person send me 6 scripts for 6 different videos in the same order. Although I completed that order for him, it was really annoying… because I couldn’t “deliver” the order until I had completed all 6 of the videos. What’s worse, all of those videos were for different websites, and different niches (like bed bug treatment service, hotels and resorts, etc.) It was very hard to keep everything organized - because I like to complete one order, move everything related to it into a work done folder on my system, and then move on to the next order. There are so many images I use in each order, and I like to tuck everything away before starting on the next - so you get the idea. Anyway, I asked the buyer to order separate gigs for different videos in future and he was okay with that. But I definitely didn’t refund and ask him to order again - I’d hate to trouble my buyers like that.

Reply to @liamgibbins: That’s your answer then – They just want you to buy their extras. That actually makes a lot of sense when you say that part. It’s all about the upsells and that’s where they make their money.

Just out of curiosity - What did they say you’d get for $40? Extra fast service or something?