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Seller refuses to cancel the order

I’ve been lurking on the site for a few months and this week I decided to take a plunge and start using the site. I’m looking for some logo designers, picked a few gave my requests, my sample images and waited the next day. Today it has been a constant back and forth that made me feel like the seller either didn’t read my order or didn’t understand me. I asked for no text, got text, and asked for purple in the logo, I got red, at this point I had already filled out a form asking her to cancel my order because she couldn’t follow my request. her last attempts to please me was to take one of my samples and gussy it up as a new logo, but by then I had sent my cancel order. She denied it.

I go to check the new logo and I can’t access it, but I can see by the thumbnail looks like my sample but altered. I ask her again to cancel my order, and that I am not paying for what she has attempted to sell me. she denies it. I make another cancel claim pleading her that I do not want her services anymore, and I am not interested in giving her a bad review. I’m pretty sure she will deny this. Any help?


Unfortunately, your only recourse may be to contact customer support. Customer support on Fiverr has always been excellent to me when needed so hopefully, they are able to assist you in this matter.
Good luck with your project!

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You need to contact Fiverr customer service if you can tell them you want to cancel this order because the seller isn’t giving you exact design with your requirement. They will help you and cancel your order. Best of luck for your project! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you ladies, will do.

because the seller was refusing to cancel it, its been 48 hours since i sent the request to customer care for cancellation. I again sent one more cancellation request to customer care last night. But there is NO RESPONSE from customer care! The gig shows delivered, even though i did not accept the gig. what to do now?? Please help. i want full refund.

usually the story has 2 sides , something is missing :slight_smile:

almost same problem of seller refusing to cancel . Customer support is not responding . its been 48 hours since i last made the request for cancellation to them and the seller. please help

well the story has MANY SIDES to it…i can go on on about the case. But the immediate priority is Cancellation Request sent to the Customer Support and their RESPONSE…how to expedite the response and action, if you can tell please