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Seller refuses to deliver product

Seller refuses to deliver and complete project, I was out of town for 3 days and Fiverr marked project complete. How is it possible that I paid money, seller didn’t even complete it and I can’t get through to FIVERR? I’ve used ********* in the past and it was WAY better. Does anyone have a support number or email? I sent a ticket in 7 days ago with no response. this is a joke.

Order #: FO54F1495503
Seller: **************

No, no, no. This is not a joke. THIS is a joke:

Q: My dog has no nose. How does he smell?
A: bad.

And I’ve mangled it. Just go to Customer Support and stop whining to people who can’t help. Or go back to whatever site was so much better.

The seller must have delivered something to have it marked complete automatically after 3 days.

The order starts with FO.

Here’s a tip (I feel like I’m perpetually saying this!) READ THE FAQ & TOS, I mean seriously all you ppl can solve all your problems if you open your eyes and READ! It’s really simple.

What does it mean that the order starts with FO?