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Seller refuses to deliver?

Hi guys!

What’s with the sellers that simply refuse to deliver and request a mutual cancellation right away without even discussing the matter? Even though I followed his instructions to the letter, and went through gig description multiple times.

Odd thing is that once I declined the mutual cancellation and asked what’s wrong, I received no reply but instead the order was cancelled by customer support, in a few hours! D: I’ve never seen customer support act so fast. I always have to wait days myself if I have an issue.

The seller is very popular and has lots of orders in the queue, but I don’t think that’s the reason, lol. Could it be that I’m a seller too? In any case I re-ordered the same gig, so wish me luck, lol.

The buyer clearly does not wish to deal with your order for whatever reason. Sure, he should have the decency to tell you why. However, he has made it clear that this is not an order that he wants to deal with. By ordering despite this you are just going to get another cancellation HOWEVER it will not you that is negatively effected. The seller will be. He has made it clear that he does not want the order. However you place it anyway. This will result in a rise in his cancellation ratio and a bigger chance that he will lose his level as a result. That’s just unfair on him.

I doubt it is because you are a seller too…unless you have the same or similar gigs? It possibly is because he is too busy. Again, he should have said. However, there is no need for you to order the gig again and put his level on the line…

There is a strong possibility that the seller made his/her feeling know as to why they wanted to cancel. However, you may not have seen this in their request. I had a couple of occasions where buyers asked me why I wanted to cancel, despite my writing nearly 500+ words on why I was cancelling their order. The message I wrote never showed up. It’s def. a glitch that should be dealt with.

Rather than ordering again, you should have talked with the seller to see what the explanation was. I’m with Ryan on this one, I seriously doubt that you being a seller is the reason for the cancellation. But, by you re-ordering the gig, you know you only hurt him. Again, unfair to this buyer.

The seller should have definitely offered and explanation for the cancellation. Do you both sell the same thing or similar services? If so, they may have thought that their competitor had placed the order with the purpose of leaving negative feedback. If I saw that a fellow editor or one of my top competitors had ordered my gig, I would definitely be suspicious and worried. But since there was no explanation, I guess there’s no way of knowing what was really going on.

I doubt that you’ll have much luck with your second order, though. Like @ryangillam said, they made it clear that they didn’t want to work on the gig (for whatever reason). I would think it’s likely that this re-order will result in another cancellation. My suggestions would be to choose another seller who offers what you need. I bet that would likely have better results.

Good points! :slight_smile: And I would definitely not have re-ordered if I was given a reason to not to do so. Any reason would have worked, even a “Too many orders already, go away”, lol.

Did not think about that it can affect his ratings though if he has to force cancel the order. But maybe he can provide a reason and offer a mutual cancellation again if he still won’t deliver it.

Don’t think it affects ratings if it’s cancelled before being delivered. At least I get such orders every day where buyer says “Wrong gig, please cancel” or something similar, and I haven’t seen any dramatic effects.

And yes! We do have gigs in the same category. It could be possible that he thinks I will leave a fake review to drive buyers away. I would never do such a thing. Would be bad karma! No way to prove it though. :frowning: Oh well.

adsensewizard said: Did not think about that it can affect his ratings though if he has to force cancel the order. But maybe he can provide a reason and offer a mutual cancellation again if he still won't deliver it.

It affects ratings even he has to offer a mutual cancellation. Those cancellations affect sellers too, not just when they have to force one through. If the cancellation rate gets too high then we can lose our level....even if it is the mistake of the buyer.

I’ve had a transaction where I updated the order, but the buyer didn’t reply. I wondered why; it turns out that the notification email went to her spam folder.