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Seller refusing to refund

Good day guys!

I’m also new here and just paid for my first gig, a logo to be created, about 3 weeks ago. The Seller said it would be provided in 2 days. She did indeed send me the first revision (unlimited revision avaiable apparently) but it was based on a template she uses and not having the colours, tagline etc that I’ve asked for, and as they are they dont represent what I do at all.
So I’ve asked for a revision, changing colours, adding tagline etc over 2 weeks ago. She said she’d make all changes and get back to me quickly, but I have not heard from her for over a week , despite me asking for update every couple of days.
I’ve then sent her a message saying that I’d need to cancel the order and ask someone else to do it if she cannot complete it. No reply again. So I’ve cancelled my order… that she’s rejected. Only then she messaged me saying that her laptop crashed and she’d come back with the revision the same day… that was 4days ago and no news at all.

Fiverr said that I should discuss it with the Seller , but how could I do that if she isn’t responding to my messages, only when I cancel the order??!!!
This is now really holding me back, but I don’t want to pay another designer until I know that I can get my money back.

What is best to do? How long is fair to wait? How can I get my money back if she rejects the cancellation?

Many thanks,
Have a good weekend

You have waited long enough. Open a new dispute and request cancellation. If your seller rejects this, you know their laptop is working. :wink:

If this is the case, contact Fiverr again and reiterate that you have been more than patient, but your seller isn’t delivering your work, nor do you believe they are qualified to.